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      Delta 8 is not the same as marijuana. While Delta 8 is a type of THC, it is not the same as Delta 9 THC, the primary compound in marijuana that causes a “high.” Delta 8 does not cause the severe side effects and intense feelings of intoxication that Delta 9 THC might.

      Besides molecular differences, Delta 8 is also considered much more stable than marijuana. Hemp-derived Delta 8 is also considered federally legal, while marijuana is not.


      Delta 8 gummies are one of the most fun ways to enjoy D8. Who doesn't like a little sweetness? Besides, with our organic ingredients, these taste just like regular gummies. No earthy taste and no animal products! That's right; our gummies are 100% vegan and perfect for anyone. This is what gives them their elasticity and, well, gummy-like consistency! 


      It is possible to overdo the amount of Delta 8 you take, but it won’t be lethal.  

      Going over your recommended dose can cause undesirable side effects like dry mouth and eyes, nausea, nervousness, grogginess, dizziness, or poor concentration. However, these are temporary and will wear off in a few hours.

      Each person’s tolerance is unique, which means some will be more sensitive to Delta 8 THC than others. Those with a low tolerance are more likely to develop unwanted side effects when taking higher doses. This can be combated by taking a low dose, paying attention to the milligram strengths on the product label, and starting with a short-lived delivery method like vaping, which wears off sooner than other methods. Another piece of advice is to only take one dose per day and avoid taking Delta 8 while on certain medications or mixing it with intoxicating substances like alcohol.

      Of course, accidents happen. If you find yourself taking too much Delta 8 to handle, all you have to do is wait for the unpleasantness to pass. A long nap and some water will do you a lot of good!

      Delta 8 THC Tincture

      Delta 8 oils are a versatile method to getting your daily dose of D8. Oils and tinctures don’t have a distinct or noticeable aroma or scent, which makes them great to add to foods or take it directly. With D8 oils, you can alter your dose to your liking depending on the situation or mood. Our oil is entirely organic, so you don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals or solvents. Who knew that cannabis plants could be so versatile? Buy delta 8 now!

      How Does Delta 8 THC Potency Work?

      Potency levels vary for Delta 8 products because of how the body metabolizes things. The longer it takes the body to metabolize D8, the longer you will feel its effects. Each route affects you in different ways and in different amounts of time due to the body’s internal processes.


      Inhaling Delta 8 works the fastest because of the lung’s direct line to the rest of the body. When you use a vape pen or joint, you are inhaling particles of Delta 8 along with oxygenated air. This mix of air and Delta 8 smoke/vapor is absorbed by the blood passing through the lungs, which is then rushed to all parts of your body.

      Our blood is always pumping, and our lungs are always breathing, so there is a constant blood flow through our bodies. This is why inhalation is the fastest working route.

      You will feel the effects of Delta 8 working almost immediately when smoking or vaping. However, this method is also short-lived. Inhaled Delta 8 will leave the body much faster. Inhaling clean air will clear your blood of the Delta 8, reducing its concentration in your body, and weakening its effects.


      Products that are eaten take the longest to work. This includes edibles like gummies, oil, capsules, or homemade D8 treats. Foods have to break down slowly before the body can absorb and nutrients and convert them into energy. Delta 8 is digested and absorbed the same way.

      Edibles are first broken down by the stomach, intestines, liver, pancreas, and more. Once they are metabolized in the liver, you can start to feel the effects of Delta 8. As the liver processes Delta 8 THC, it converts it to a compound called 11-Hydroxy-THC, which can more easily cross the blood-brain barrier.

      This new converted compound is far more potent than D8, which is why the effects of edibles can be felt more strongly than other methods of consumption. It is also why the effects of edibles last longer.


      Oil tinctures dropped under the tongue are taken through the sublingual route (sublingual = “under the tongue”). Substances are absorbed directly into the bloodstream through capillaries (small blood vessels) soft tissues of the mouth’s mucous membranes. This rapid absorption allows for near-instant effects, just like inhalation, except they last longer. Because this is a direct route to the bloodstream that bypasses both the respiratory and digestive systems, the potency is stronger than vaping or edibles.


      The 2018 Farm Bill removed hemp from the controlled substances list, making all hemp-derived products an agricultural good. Delta 8 is one of these hemp-derived products. The Food and Drug Administration regulates Delta 8, making it a federally legal substance so long as the Delta 9 THC content in a hemp product makes up 0.3% or less of the total product. Delta 8 does not contain more than 0.3% Delta 9 THC.

      As far as legalities go, Delta 8 is available for purchase in most states! Some states may have buying restrictions on D8, so remember to look up if you’re state is on the following list. Here are states where Delta 8 is currently not available:

      Alaska | Arizona | Arkansas | Colorado | Connecticut | Delaware | Kentucky | IdahoIowa | Michigan | Mississippi | Montana | New York | North Dakota | Rhode Island | Utah | Vermont | Washington


      While dosing for Delta 8 may seem complicated, understanding the product types first can eliminate some confusion. First, ask yourself why you want to take Delta 8. This will help you narrow down choices and settle on your preferred method of consumption. Depending on the product type, you will have to adjust your dose amount and frequency. From there, you can determine your dosing size. Starting with a small dose and working your way up will help you understand how your body reacts to Delta 8 and find a comfortable medium.