SoKo Mission Sustainable Clothing

In recent years the fashion industry has been widely criticized for unsustainable business practices. However, SoKO Cannabis Creations is on the cusp of a revolution in how it sources materials based on reuse rather than new production. SoKOis not only revolutionizing fashion but is reinventing the cannabis industry as a whole. 
Born out of a unique collaboration between art, fashion, and cannabis experts, SoKO Cannabis Creations represents the pinnacle of quality, attention to detail, and hemp-sustainable fashion. We believe in practices geared towards paying a proper living wage to garment workers, reducing the carbon footprint, and eventually achieving net zero operations to positively affect the environment and society.
SoKO's hemp clothing is the absolute best source for high-quality, authentic hemp clothing. Hemp fiber makes incredibly soft, comfortable and stylish clothing. Silky to the touch, hemp-derived fabrics have many advantages over conventional fabrics such as cotton and polyester. SoKo provides choices to individuals who want to make a positive impact on our planet. 
The Hemp Advantage
  • The properties in hemp help keep you odor free
  • Powerfully insulating which keeps you stay cool and look cool
  • A naturally soft and silky feel