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The metaverse fashion stylists are here

Meta Fashion​​

Fashion Digital stylists balance their real-world jobs with their metaverse ones. Michaela Leitz-Askalan, for example, runs a plus-size styling business in the real world but decided to start selling her services as a metaverse fashion stylist after hanging out in the 3D virtual world of Decentraland.

After her goddaughter asked her to buy a pair of shoes for her Roblox account, British reality television fashion expert Gemma Sheppard decided to style people in digital spaces.
Some metaverse stylists did not start out doing real-world versions of their jobs. Her unique fashion sense has made her an it-girl. People are learning from her.

Being a metaverse fashion stylist is not currently a job that can pay all the bills on its own.

In a good month, metaverse styling accounts for 20% of Leitz-Askalan's income.

It is still worth it because of the unique opportunity to work in a new medium and learn new skills. A couple of years ago, Leitz-Askalan launched her metaverse styling business, meeting with clients on a chat platform popular with game players. She designed lookbooks to help them dress up.

Her clients get an outfit, and she gets a small amount of currency. It is worth the money to Leitz-Askalan. She says that people are interested in trying crazy things. I like that.

She is a creator of clothing and accessories for Roblox, but she has begun to style clients' avatars as well, and she is very careful about how she does it.

She says that they have to trial and error it. In order to create looks that fit their aesthetic, Svoboda will look through users' history of outfits, ask who their favorite artists are, and then create looks that fit their fashion aesthetic.

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StellaRay Is All About Slow, Ethical Fashion in the Hudson Valley

Online shopping has changed the way we shop. Fast fashion peaked as brick-and-mortar storefronts closed. Consumers are flooded with low-quality clothing from mass-market retailers as new styles and trends are being introduced at a blinding pace. A Hudson Valley artist is challenging the culture with ethically made, bohemian-style dresses and block-printed fashion goods.

He was a graduate of the Fashion Institute of Technology. She still felt bombarded with new collections and things to buy when she decided to shop ethically and look for slow fashion brands.

The swine flu hit. Spending time with her children in the yard and garden was one of the things that Sousa found enjoyable. She wanted to be able to work from home. She said, "I realized there were a lot of other moms and people out there who love a good house dress, and it was just being home that gave me that space to realize that I wanted to be home with my children." In September 2020, there was a baby named Stella Ray.

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The fashion brand encourages slow- fashion shopping by only releasing one style of dress per month. Customers can appreciate one item at a time, alleviating the pressure to purchase multiple items from a collection. The relaxed release schedule gives her time and space to make the perfect dress.

Sousa doesn't look for her inspiration. It just seems to me that I have enough space in my life for it to come. bohemian living is what inspired her dresses. I traveled across the country in a van for eight months following music and met a lot of amazing people. The bohemian lifestyle is where the inspiration comes from.

Jaipur is where woodblock printing began. Jaipur's 500-year history of honing the ancient technique of block prints made it the perfect place to source patterns. Along with a small sewing shop in Mumbai, all of the workshops are small. One of the shops that is completely woman-owned is one of the shops that is prioritized by StellaRay.

The Raya gown is named after the son of Sousa. There are several locations throughout the Hudson Valley that sell the products. The Hudson Valley has a lot of small boutiques. Being a part of those communities is special. I like to visit the boutique owners and deliver their goods.

The team is excited to open its first retail store in Cold Spring in April of 2023. Sousa hopes that the company will be able to grow and still be able to make the small batches, have the small sewing studios, and keep the core of what we're doing in place. Sousa wants to share her new styles with her customers.

Cold Spring's DamnAged Vintage Store sells retro fashion.

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Depressing! Shein named the most popular fashion brand of 2022

Shein is the most popular fashion brand of the year. The company was named the most searched clothing brand in the world by internet users and found itself ahead of other brands such as Nike and Adidas. Shein admitted that some employees were working 75-hour weeks and only taking two to three days off a month. Fast fashion is typified by low prices and high human costs. That is wonderful!

The question as to why Shein is still the fashion giant that it is is a question that needs to be asked. Its track record against workers' rights is bad, as well as the information about its unsustainable environmental model, where it produces 700-1,000 new pieces a day, on top of all other orders that need fulfilling, leaving in its trail 6.3 million tons of carbon dioxide equivalent a year as a byproduct.

As we enter a cost of living crisis in the UK, the issue of the low price point of its products remains a complex one. The power to make change lies with fast fashion brands themselves or with global governments who could enforce restrictions that would reduce their output for the sake of the workers and the environment.

Members of the audience at the show let out an audible gasp as they saw a dress being sprayed on the model. After the performance, the special material can be melted down into a liquid. It was a stunt that captured the attention of millions around the world and showed that there is interest in creating innovative ways to create sustainable clothing. 

Fast fashion is still going strong, and hopefully, with its popularity, there can be a different approach to the mass production of clothes, without sacrificing healthy work environments or further damaging the planet.

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