White House Highlights Police Concerns About Marijuana Legalization In New Report To Congress

The White House has delivered an annual drug enforcement report to Congress that highlights a number of concerns from regional police partners about state-legal marijuana legalization.

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The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy facilitates the past reports from the High-Intensity Drug Trafficking Areas Program, which are not peer-reviewed. 

They argue that the information is biased because of the ONDCP's mandate to oppose the legalization of marijuana.

The document doesn't seek to push back on any specific narratives, despite the fact that the key cannabis sections of the new 2022. It is being released a couple of months after President Joe Biden issued a mass cannabis pardon.

There are a lot of complaints about cannabis legalization.

In the report, the Northern California HIDTA said that despite the state's legalization law, marijuana use remains high and prices are stable.

According to the California officials cited by the White House, state-level marijuana legalization has likely invited more criminality connected to the production and transportation of the drug, especially by drug traffickers.

Since legalization, violent incidents and "weed rip" in which products are stolen have become more common, according to their claims.

According to the section of the report, illegal growing on public lands poses a serious environmental threat, polluted and diverted water sources, and poisons wildlife. Many large labs sell manufactured products to legitimate storefronts.

Demand for higher-potency marijuana and marijuana-related products has remained high over the past several years, according to the North Central HIDTA.

There is still concern over the relationship between marijuana distribution and firearms and violent crime associated with these activities. There is a serious health risk to the user community due to the high demand for and use of high-potency oils and e-liquids.

The Ohio-based division of HIDTA said that the state's medical cannabis program has led to an even greater amount of marijuana usage and that marijuana remains the number one recreational drug used in the state.

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Other states that have legalized recreational marijuana are being used in the Ohio area.

Most of the marijuana consumed in the area was from the Western Region of the United States according to the 2020 Ohio HIDTA Drug Threat Survey. It is not uncommon to see bulk shipments of high-grade marijuana products being brought into Ohio from states that have legalized marijuana.

It said that cannabis vaping is one of the most common forms of illegal marijuana use.

The legalization of recreational marijuana in Western States and medical marijuana in Ohio has led to an increase in edibles' popularity.

The South Florida HIDTA said that cannabis poses a material threat to the region and expressed concern that the public's perception of marijuana's dangers is diminishing due to the legalization of medical marijuana.

Marijuana grow operations and the parcel shipment of commercially packaged marijuana from states where it is legal to Florida are huge.

Drug traffickers that specialize in the distribution of high-grade marijuana obtained from states with legalized forms of marijuana are a concern for the Texoma HIDTA.

According to a report submitted to federal lawmakers by the White House, controlled substances are as destructive as other drugs and negatively impact the quality of life and safety in Texas and Oklahoma.

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In the last few years, advocates have pushed back on marijuana regional reports.

To Hutchinson, president and CEO of the Marijuana Policy Project told Marijuana Moment that prohibition is the primary reason large-scale illegal cannabis cultivation continues.

She said that both tobacco and alcohol are legal in every state. Federal prohibition drives up the costs of state-legal cannabis products in a number of ways and makes it harder to compete with unregulated sales.

The underground market supplies 100 percent of adult-use sales in prohibited states, counties, and cities.

The new report isn't indicative of how the White House views legalization in the state. Biden has said that he supports letting states set their own policies, regardless of his own opposition to adult-use legalization, and his recent scheduling review and pardons directives have earned him applause from many advocates, even if they still want the administration to do more

The director of ONDCP has praised the president. He emphasizes that there are clearly medical benefits of cannabis, which should not be ignored because of concerns about youth use.

As the administration works to conduct the review into marijuana's federal scheduling, a bipartisan group of congressional lawmakers recently asked the president to officially get on board with legalization.

A link to a Marijuana Moment article that discusses the president's administrative cannabis scheduling directive has been sent by the Secretary of HHS.

At the recent overdose prevention event, California Attorney General Becerra said that they were going to look at what science told them and what the evidence told them. We hope that will guide the federal government's actions.

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The secretary said that the cannabis department would work as quickly as possible to complete the scientific review. He talked to the head of the FDA about the issue.

The president directed the Department of Justice to quickly carry out a separate scheduling review that could result in a recommendation to place cannabis in a lower schedule or remove it altogether.

The governor of Oregon granted tens of thousands of marijuana pardons in November, following Biden's own federal clemency action. He thinks other states should follow Oregon's example.

The first piece of federal cannabis reform legislation in US history was enacted by the president last month.

A number of polls show that Americans support the president's pardon action and they don't think that marijuana should be classified as a Schedule I drug.

The GOP Congresswoman has a bill to give tax relief to marijuana businesses.

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