What Makes THC Drinks So Great

THC Drinks

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THC drinks are popular because of their unique effects. Consumers also use them to replace any alcoholic habit they might have. However, what makes them so great and effective at this? In this article, we find out what THC drinks are and what effects they have that make them highly popular among people today.

What are THC Drinks?

THC drinks or Cannabis-infused drinks contain tetrahydrocannabinol (THC), which is the main psychoactive substance found in Cannabis plants. These drinks are sold in many places in the US, including: 

  • California
  • Colorado
  • Maryland 
  • Michigan 

How High do you get with THC Drinks?

Only people over age 21 can buy THC drinks. However, some companies sell their products to younger people who have state medical marijuana cards. 

In terms of dosage, there’s no standard THC dose in THC drinks. The content varies by manufacturer or product. Some contain 2 to 4 mg THC per 8-ounce container, while others have 100 to 200 mg THC per 8-ounce bottle. 

Since THC drinks are psychoactive, they do get you high. 

They can cause drowsiness, euphoria, relaxation, and other effects. Signs and symptoms may vary from person to person and what type of THC drink they consume.

Great Alternative to Alcohol and Edibles

As more people try to stay healthy, more people also abstain from alcohol consumption. And those who have chosen to cut out alcohol altogether find THC drinks to be a great replacement.

Many THC drinks are used as a base for a cocktail. They can also be used as a standalone drink on ice. Customers can experience the nice buzz of drinking minus the headache the next morning. 

Moreover, THC drinks are a great alternative to edibles, which are often high in sugar. In the case of chocolate edibles, people worry about their high-fat content. By contrast, THC drinks are low in sugar and fat. In fact, some of them even contain good ingredients like superfoods. 

When you’re drinking THC drinks, you’re also staying hydrated and experiencing the benefits of its healthy ingredients. 

Social Experiences with THC Drinks

THC drinks are great for sharing with others. You can share drinks with a friend at a park, on a hike, or during a movie night. There’s a wide variety to choose from to suit everyone’s tastes and levels of interest in THC

You can also use THC drinks to share while trying out new cocktail recipes with friends. Get creative and mix water, seltzers, and tonics with other ingredients that your friends have brought.


THC drinks offer quick onsets; you can generally feel the effects of the beverage within 10 to 12 minutes. For comparison, edibles’ onset can take an hour or two, depending on your body chemistry.

THC drinks can trigger quick onsets when they’re made using water-soluble emulsions, which allow cannabinoids to be evenly dispersed throughout the beverage. In other words, there’s the same amount of THC from your first sip to the last. 

Moreover, it’s easier for the body to digest THC in a water-soluble format compared to oil. When a person ingests THC in oil form, the onset typically takes one to two hours. This is followed by a plateau of two to five hours. 

By contrast, emulsion technology breaks the THC down into smaller particles for even dispersal and stability. This allows for greater absorption and bioavailability. The absorption process begins in the mouth before you even swallow the first sip. 

Are THC Drinks Legal? 

It depends on your location. In the US, cannabis is classified as a Schedule 1 drug. It has no accepted medical use and carries high risks for abuse. Some states, however, have legalized the possession of recreational marijuana. In Canada, THC drinks can be legally sold as long as they’re approved by Health Canada and meet regulatory requirements. 

Even Celebs are on Board

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In the quarter century since California first legalized medical marijuana, the US has grown into a $27 billion legal business.
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The operations in the three states will allow Combs to grow, manufacture, and distribute cannabis products in major metro areas including New York, Boston and Chicago, as well as open retail stores in all three states.
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Marijuana is legal in 19 states for recreational use by adults and in 39 states for medical use.