Timbaland Speaks On Uniting Hitmakers At BeatClub, ASCAP's Music Songwriting Camp

On a cool night in Miami, a producer named Timbaland arrives at a studio to begin work with some of the best minds in the music industry. As soon as he walks into the door, the BeatClub founder goes into each of the six studios full of people who have been working on new music for the past six hours.


Timbaland hosted an exclusive songwriting music camp with an all-star roster of talent.

The American Society of Music Composers, Authors, and Publishers has hosted many camps in the past, but this is the first time they have collaborated with Music BeatClub.

Timbaland said their music camp was great. We had a lot of talented people there.

I want to have BeatClub sessions all over the world. After holding camps virtually since the start of the epidemic, ASCAP decided to go big by bringing the event down to Miami to tap into the talented market and create a more refreshing vibe for all the musicians. Their goal is to help create opportunities for ASCAP artists, and that is what they did. With help from the rest of its Rhythm & Soul team, ASCAP Urban worked together with Timbaland, who previously received ASCAP's Voice of the Culture Award, and members of BeatClub's team to facilitate the two-day songwriting camp. There is no right answer for an ideal camp, according to an assistant vice president. They can be set up in a variety of ways. The rooms are working at the same time. It's catching a vibe by putting together writers and producers. Artists are floating in the air. They are cooking up ideas and competing with one another. They will come in with a good idea and build off of it.

The BeatClub invited accomplished music writers like Simon Said and Ricki to collaborate with recording artists like Trinidad Cardona and Baby Tate. They were locked in for two days and two nights with other producers and artists.

Nicole George-Middleton, Senior Vice President of Membership at ASCAP said, "This is our first time partnering with BeatClub on a song camp and we're just excited about it." This song camp had the bright idea of being pulled off byJJ here. We were thinking about ways that we could engage our members at ASCAP since we've been inside for so long, so we reached out to Beat Club and got the ball rolling. Timbaland has been a member of the organization for 30 years, so he's the perfect partner for this endeavor.

Dua Lipa

BeatClub is a platform for music artists to connect with other people.

Music is for the people

Thousands of users have been invited to sign up for BeatClub since it launched earlier this year. Some of the prominent hitmakers on the roster are J. Cole, Tainy, Scott Storch, and Justin Timberlake. Timbo says BeatClub has put $2 million into members' pockets. BeatClub will focus more on artists in the future, according to Timbo. The camp was a great place to find new members. BeatClub beatmakers were able to work with a wide range of artists, most of whom are members of the American Society of Composers, Authors and Publishers.

Timbaland went into other rooms to watch the progress of everyone, but ended up in studio D with Kali, Liana Banks, and others. The five ladies had just sent a song over a beat produced by Don Mills. Four ladies were working on the track before Timbaland arrived. After Monique added a drum pattern to the instrumental, they spent an hour or so finishing the lyrics. Sherie had just praised her on the beat when she mentioned that she hadn't been in an all-female session in a while. It was Kali's first.

Kali said that she had never had a session with all women before. She said that she wasn't aware of the entire writing process when she first signed. When I started working with writers, I had to start getting comfortable with them so it was always like one or two men. Timbaland vibed to the song her and the other ladies just made after sitting in her session for a few minutes. She made a good impression with her smooth hook and slick bars over the flute-laden instrumental. It's time to play it again.

Ohgeesy was working in the studio with a producer. During their session, OhGeesy, who's preparing to drop his Geesyworld 2 in February, preview a few tracks, but was still working on his next song.

This is the first time I have ever done something like this and I like it. I had no idea what I was expecting. I came here to vibe, and I was feeling it. When I was in the room, I felt like I was surrounded by a group of creatives.

In that same studio, 88-Keys set up shop for the night to work with someone who penned tracks for some of the biggest names in music. They joined forces with many other people to work on new music. 88-Keys, who produced JAY-Z and KANYE West's "No Church In The Wild" and Pusha T's "Diet Coke", couldn't pass up the chance to collaborate with all when he made it to a song camp.

The center of the song camp was in studio A. Timbo hosted his own session with some of his friends. All the artists in the room were free to do what they wanted. Some were writing lyrics while others felt the beats. The founder of Ear Drummerz sat in the middle of the room as he made up melodic drum patterns off the top of his head on his machine. Timbo felt the beat enough to add his signature beatboxing. Everyone in the room watched as he whispered in the recording booth. The singer-songwriter has worked with many people in the past. Liana Banks said the main idea is collaboration. When I'm in other places, I try to be less alone because I want to see if this person likes it and if not, I want to bounce it off each other.

Several songs had been made by the second day. Baby Tate, D-Smoke, and Phoenix James are making music together. Tate and Smoke figure out how to make James' flow sound better. Smoke chimed in with his ideas after James finished her verse. D Smoke uses the Notes app on his phone and a white notepad to draw.

D Smoke said they would create something while he was here. It's something that people can enjoy. There is too much talent in the room to not have something to show for it. I want people to be able to press play on a couple of songs and be able to remember when it happened.

There were several large sessions happening at the same time. The beats that Afrojack showed off were completely different from what he usually does. He was surrounded by many people. Ball Greezy and another female writer helped create new songs with a new phrase that will definitely catch on in the clubs. A group of people were having a separate session in the studio next to them. It's just pure vibes. There is no word on where any of their records will end up, but each artist involved with every completed record hopes their creation will become a unique, commercially successful song.

"They can go far with the music they make at the camp," saidJJ. First and foremost, the goal is to foster creative collaboration. We would like these songs to be placed. Over the years, songs have been placed from our camps. We pitch the songs to the labels after they are written. They can go far.

There were many songs made during the camp. D-Smoke, Baby Tate and Phoenix James have a lot of work to do. Kali was given a title for her rare collaboration with several people. Several records were made in studio A by Nle Choppa. Trinidad Cardona might have an am-piano-type record on the way. There is a chance that these songs can appear on upcoming projects. Their new music can be found on a new album or soundtrack of an upcoming film. If you want to join a studio session like this, you should know more about BeatClub.

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