The SoKO Cannabis Ball comes to H’OM Miami for the first time!

The SoKO Cannabis Ball will feature a sustainable hemp clothing Runway Fashion Show, Master Mixologist, cannabis-infused culinary artists from local Miami legendary chefs, waterfall lagoons, health and wellness vendors, celebrities and an airplane hanger afterparty, making this the destination event of the decade!

The SoKO Cannabis Ball Miami Mansion​​

Dateline: [Miami, FL, February 6th, 2023] — The founders of SoKO Cannabis Creations have found a way to bring a luxury feel to the cannabis industry AND BEYOND. SoKo who has been named “The Gucci of Cannabis” and will bring the SoKO Cannabis Ball to H’oM Miami for the first time on May 6th, 2023.

The Sustainable Fashion Revolution

In recent years the fashion industry has been widely criticized for unsustainable business practices, but it may be on the cusp of a revolution in how it sources materials based on reuse rather than new production. The SoKO Cannabis Ball leads the way in the sustainable fashion revolution, featuring an elegant hemp clothing runway fashion show, cannabis education, and more. In addition to this groundbreaking fashion experience, The SoKO Cannabis Ball is partnering with H’oM Miami to bring an abundance of cannabis-related entertainment, fashion and education. 

H’OM Miami is Solving World Problems

Humanity has been groomed through culture and society with unconscious programming that has disconnected us from our natural state of mind, the environment, and the overall essence of well-being. For this reason, H’OM has created a hub for the latest in sustainability, healing, self-care, wellness technologies, and hospitality.

 H’OM is the first eco-conscience hotel in the world to promote conscious living while also encouraging people to become thinkers of the future. H'OM also creates safe spaces for people to disconnect from society and reconnect with their truest essence. H'OM mission is to teach and inspire guests to live a more sustainable, conscious life while making you feel at Home. 

The SoKO Cannabis Ball​​

More than Just a Fashion Event, SoKO Cannabis brings the Sizzle

Along with their high-quality products and fashion line of hemp clothing, SoKO Cannabis has shown they can stand above the rest. SoKOs’ founder’s vision is to stand out among their competition by providing consumers with quality upscale products and events. Here is a list of just a few interesting areas in H'OM to enjoy while experiencing the show:

Waterfall Lagoon Stage - A Tropical Venetian-style lagoon carved out of coral rock, this historical landmark and natural hot-spring swimming area features caves and stone bridges surrounded by epic waterfalls making this area the pinnacle of legendary scenery, surrounded by 20 acres of fruit forests.

Mansion - This lavish historic mansion was modeled by the Mediterranean Revival marvel and offers robust tropical landscaping, an open entryway with high ceilings decorated in crown molding, chandeliers, and curving stairways. Model photoshoots and a red-carpet entrance make this area a unique retreat. A Netflix Release celebration with culinary artistry Miami chefs pay tribute to SoKO's feature "Cooked with Cannabis" Season 1 now streaming.

Fashion Show Runway Stage - This is the focalized extension of the venue that features an architectural pool leading to the main stage. Fire performers, runway models, visionary art, and stunning video projection mapping make this area an unforgettable event. 

Airplane Hanger After-Party - Now boarding! An incredibly unique venue setting to wrap up an epic evening will include an intimate dance party with live Dj music and performers making this space visual ecstasy, as The SoKO Cannabis Ball is set to make history!

The SoKO Cannabis Ball Miami​​

Fire Flies Forrest is the perfect addition to the SoKO Cannabis Ball 

Kaheal Head, the founder of Fire Flies Forrest, which holds semi-annual events at H'OM Miami and elsewhere in the United States, is in production partnership with SoKO Cannabis Creations while producing the Cannabis Ball at H'OM Miami on May 6th.

"Fire Flies Forest is an empowerment gathering held with the leading intention to light the fire within. Nature (The Forest) is our play and pray ground where we commune with her; to deepen our connection to ourselves and our community. Here we get clear and relish in the presence of the present. In this place, we honor our elders and the magick that has come before us. Offering sacraments of wisdom, music, art, and ritual prayerformance curated to forge higher versions of oneself," said Kaheal. 

These two identities merging will undoubtedly create a unique guest experience. 

The SoKO Cannabis Ball​​

Fusion Fashion Events is a leader in the new age of Fashion and Entertainment

By strategically fusing Fashion, Music, Art, and Culture into the industry, Fusion Fashion Events are leading the Miami scene with its flashy presence and well-organized shows.

Founded by notable and experienced industry professionals with like-minded goals to provide a platform for artists and businesses to grow, thrive, and connect. Fusion Fashion Event's mission statement is to bridge the gap between contemporary and modern entertainment through our highlighted runway shows.

Their growth has been rapid with a simple business model. Creating a quality, fashionable events. With fashion and runway shows being the highlight of their events, they focus on our productions being high-caliber. Their unique strategies by producing events to break barriers in the industry and create outlets for businesses of all genres to grow.

Fusion Fashion Events has the ultimate goal of continuing to garner global exposure and connections by creating events for creatives of all aspects. Producing larger and more widespread events that provide platforms for upcoming and established artists.

This is great news for The SoKO Cannabis Ball attendees, as Fusion Fashion Events will be spearheading the runway models' organization, casting, and designer input,  giving Miami a breath of fresh entertainment and offering quality production at the same time. 

The SoKO Cannabis Ball​​

Why Quality Cannabis Products Make the Difference

Founded in San Diego, California, SōKO Cannabis has grown over the last 5 years with its sleek lines of vape cartridges, cannabis, CBD, and Hemp products that are 100 percent organic and non-GMO. The company’s sustainably grown plants, state-of-the-art extraction methods, and innovative and patented CCELL hardware allows them to maintain the highest standards of quality, far and above state requirements. SōKO products define a new standard of luxury in the cannabis community. Inspired by contemporary art, fashion, and premium cannabis, they feature a wide range of THC and CBD oil products made from certified organic ingredients.

SoKO Cannabis chocolate Bon-Bons are a fan favorite among customers. The chocolate is imported from France by a famous French Chocolatier and are rich in Hemp THC. This is a dream come true for people who enjoy the relaxation that CBD gives with the psychoactive side effects of THC.  Customers everywhere can get their hands on these delectable treats in the U.S. and now the U.K. as it’s derived from hemp and 100% legal since the passing of the 2018 Farm Bill.

Everything from the packaging to the wonderful aroma makes its obvious that SoKO Cannabis Creations has invested a lot of time and money into providing an excellent product to their customers. From cannabis-infused cooking oils like Avocado Oil, Balsamic Vinaigrette, Honey and Coconut Oil to the Vegan and gluten-free Delta 8 Gum-Drops give the consumer the aroma and aftertaste to mimic the feeling of drinking a mojito or a tropical drink.

“Social Responsibility is one of SoKo’s core values and is the base of the brand's identity. We recognize that the philosophy of “sustainable value” is at the heart of our management policies and our corporate conduct, which means that we have implemented a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into our business operations. 

Our business model is designed to provide our customers with the highest quality products, which are made entirely in California in a responsible manner” –Dave Soko

Hemp Delta 8 THC Cannabis is 100 percent federally legal and is protected by the 2018 Farm Bill. No Illegal CANNABIS WILL BE SOLD OR SAMPLED AT THIS EVENT. SoKO follows state and federal laws and regulations.

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