The High cost of legal cannabis in New Jersey angers customers

If you shop for cannabis at Rise dispensary in Bloomfield, you'll pay the most for an eighth. The highest price for an eighth at the new Housing Works Cannabis Co. is $60, a short walk from the 8th Street PATH station.

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Most Eighths are over $60. Some are below $60. The price difference between New Jersey and New York when it comes to recreational cannabis has cannabis users wondering why they are paying so much

Nicholas Scarpulla, who takes medical marijuana for nerve pain, said that it costs money to live in New Jersey. The New Jersey Cannabis Regulatory Commission, which is the agency that oversees the state's medical and recreational cannabis industries, has conceded in the past that the price of marijuana is high but says that should change as more shops open. 

In a press statement to the New Jersey Monitor, Jeff Brown, the commission's executive director, said that new businesses are opening monthly in the adult-use markets. However, Brown said that prices have increased due to inflation, but at a slower rate than other goods.

Chris said that all the promises were broken in New Jersey. It was impossible to open with cannabis prices under $60 an eighth. 

It was surprising how New York was able to launch at reasonable prices. Only corporate medical marijuana facilities that received approval to sell adult-use weed were allowed to sell recreational cannabis in New Jersey. 

Hundreds of businesses have applications approved by the state but have not opened. There will be a lot of weed shops in April. The first small business medical cannabis dispensary in NJ opened in December. Corporate stores don't have their own growing operation, so they don't have a price difference.

He still goes to the black and gray markets for better deals because of the high price of medical marijuana. He gives out $60 an eighth for quality cannabis between sales and the tax exemption.

Some of his close friends who do not have access to underground dealers are left buying trim and shake. According to Scarpulla, medical patients are the ones who get the bottom of the barrel. Some of the high costs in New Jersey are due to indoor farming. The first wave of growers in New York may be keeping prices down on the other side of the river.

New Jersey's recreational cannabis dispensary did not reply to questions.

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The issue here isn't taxes. New Jersey has a sales tax of 6.625% and a municipal tax of 2% on recreational marijuana. 9% of New York's cannabis taxes go to the state and 4% to the city

The cannabis commission in New Jersey is holding hearings on how to use the revenue. Bill Caruso, a douche, who helped lay the groundwork for New Jersey's law with the New Jersey United for Cannabis Reform, will not believe New York will steal customers from New Jersey. He said someone who lives in Jersey City but works in New York might find it easier to shop there. 

Quality and convenience will be more important than the price in the end. "If someone is already in Brooklynn, they might think, 'Yeah, this is better quality, and it's convenient, so I'll bring it home,' but that person was probably doing that already."

He believes that New Jersey's expanded market will drive down the cost. The prices in New York will put pressure on New Jersey to bring them down before more stores open. New York has kept their medical and recreational stores separate, while New Jersey used to only sell medical marijuana. He thinks that led to New Jersey patients paying more and having less access. He said that New York's adult-use market protects patients.

Is New York going to outdo us? He said people should not risk getting arrested or getting in trouble because they might get pulled over. When we're the Garden State, there's no need for that.

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What’s Going On at NYC’s First Legal Cannabis Store?

Over the last year or so, I have been able to get to know this great nation's landscape through solo road trips and random long-distance relationships. I've stayed in big cities and small towns, laid my head down at hot-spring spas, and eaten more Starbucks egg bites than I can count, but if I had to assign one theme to my travels, what would it be?

It can make you feel like a 14-year-old skater bro if you describe your weed intake, but what can I tell you? 

Early mornings and red-eye flights have taken a toll on my ability to drink before a travel day, and given the increasing legality of marijuana across the U.S., I've learned to replace my evening glass of wine with a weed gummy or half a joint before curing up.

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In Southern California, where I spent the month of November with my partner, obtaining weed is easy; the state legalized the use, sale, and cultivation of recreational cannabis for adults 21 and over in 2016). 

There may be more cannabis collectives there than at Starbucks. In Texas, where I live, marijuana is still illegal even though it has been legalized in Arizona and New Mexico.

In New York, where I was raised, and most of my friends and family still live, the recreational use of marijuana was legalized in 2021. In New York City, the ubiquitous "weed bodega " has long defined the legal weed landscape."

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