The Best New Christmas Songs for 2022: Lizzo, Camila Cabello & More

This year's Christmas greetings include country, punk rock, and more.

Are you listening to the  Sleigh Bells? New holiday songs have been released by everyone in time for the best time of the year.

This year there is a Thanksgiving dinner table full of different genres.

The Linda Lindas have tied a bow on a punk-rock present for their fans and Kane Brown has countrified carols to contribute.

A number of musicians went above and beyond this year, with the exception of the Backstreet Boys, who dropped a full-length album. A year after creating a modern seasonal classic with her hit "Snowman," the singer-actress has released a new version of her album.

Who can blame this group of artists if they decide to join the holiday canon or make more additions? Unlike most hits that fade into oldies status, Christmas songs come back in style every year. There were 39 holiday songs on the Hot 100 two years ago.

If you want to keep an eye on which jingles are most popular during the holiday season, you can check out the Holiday 100. If you want to learn more about the best Christmas songs of all time, check out the ranking of the best Christmas songs of all time by billboard.

She said that she chose to cover 'Someday at Christmas' not just because it's a classic, but because it's a reminder that we are still fighting for peace, compassion, and equality. This holiday season, please spread love and kindness.

Kane Brown and Amazon Music collaborated on a festive cover of Blue Christmas.

He said that his daughters will get to hear his voice on one of the most timeless classics made famous by the legendary Elvis Presley. I hope my version makes people happy.

Honey Dijon Steps Up From Dance Music’s Underground

If you can get in contact with her, she is easy to talk to. She has been a D.J. and electronic music producer for nearly two decades. She played in Manchester, England, London, New York, and Chicago in November.

Dijon got her hair and makeup done for a photo shoot in a white terry cloth robe in her Lower East Side hotel room. She paused and said that she would rather be exhausted from work than looking for it. She estimates she has played 180 shows between club nights, festivals, fashion events and private corporate things in the next four years.

Madonna has called Dijon her favorite D.J. in the whole world and she contributed to the "Finally Enough Love" album. The opening club night of Grace Jones' festival brought artists like Josey Rebelle to London. She received her first grammy nomination this month as an album of the year contributor for "Renaissance", a song she wrote and produced. She released "Black Girl Magic" three days later.

House music was born in Chicago in 1977 at the Warehouse club, where American and European disco was played. Local producers tried to duplicate the disco sounds with drum machines and synthesizers. The house evolved into lusher forms.

Dijon is a fastidious house-music griot, a musical historian who will not allow anyone to forget the form's Black and queer roots, even as subgenres like EDM and tech house have deviated far from its origins. She said that past, present, and future are on a continuum. It's just coming back into it.

She was born in Chicago but grew up in New York. She doesn't like to say her age, but she calls the question "really sexist and terribly boring." As she does in her music, Dijon starts her speech with references, as she did in her movie "Paris Is Burning"

She found her people in New York. She said in a video interview that she was a very effeminate child from the beginning. She assumed she was gay because she was attracted to men.

Clubland provided a community and information, but it was more than that. Dijon said that as a trans woman of color, she couldn't just go and get a job with benefits, as her mother had encouraged: "So club was really a great place for you to make a quote-unquote honest living."

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The trans women she met working in nightlife filled her in on how to get black-market hormones and what to look for in a doctor. Dijon said he was "Frankenfactor." A lot of countries are in this body.

She said that she fell in love with sound and music when she was pregnant. Dijon told us that she snuck into the Music Box when she was 13 years old.

Dijon said it was still mind-blowing to be able to occupy these spaces with these artists.

She has been a professional D.J. since 1998 and has always waved the banner for classic-sounding houses. Drake dropped a mostly house-oriented album called "Honestly, Nevermind" this year, while Bey released "Renaissance" a month later. Dijon accepted her first residency at Hiro in Manhattan in 2008.

A decade later, her set recorded at the Sugar Mountain festival in Australia was uploaded to the popular dance music broadcasting platform Boiler Room, where it now has nearly 10 million views, making it one of the most watched sets of all time. Her body vibrating to her pounding beats on the fly, as Dijon mixes a a cappella vocals from Stevie Wonder and the "I have a Dream" speech from Martin Luther King, Jr.

She said that she has a musical persona.

Nita Aviance, one half of the New York D.J. and production duo Carry Nation, said that Dijon was performing some pieces of music. She is the epitome of everything that she is playing.

The Honey Dijon clothing line for Comme des Garons has been printed with explicit references to disco and house, which has created merchandise for genres that never had much of it. Dijon uses clothing as a way to communicate. She said it was celebrating art by people of color that created culture.

Dijon was praised by the executive director of the museum as aqueer visionary.

She is moving forward new possibilities for living in every aspect of her life. The whole world has a lot to learn from queer people who have been organizing, loving and living in ways that they have always done. honey is a woman for our time.

Dijon has a work ethic that is second to none, and her ability to reference and broadcast existing sounds is the same as her work ethic. The 1989 debut full-length from the Chicago house auteur Lil Louis, and the 1998 album from the New York house producer Danny Tenaglia were inspirations for her second album. A nude Dijon is depicted on the cover of the book. She said she wanted to celebrate her Black body and that she had a beautiful one.

The message at the heart of the invitations to the dance floor are egalitarian. Dijon worked on the album. The three got to know each other over their love of a golden-era house. Solomon said he met Dijon when he was at a friend's house in Chicago.

They are co-piloting a vision that comes from Dijon. The captain of the division of labor was called Solomon byPenny. His work on keyboards makes him a co- captain. Do you mean Dijon? She is the ship according toPenny. Dijon is responsible for driving the vision, pulling in references, and selecting guest vocalists. Eve, a Chicago producer, and M.C. Channel Tres are among the contributors to the album.

Dijon said there wasn't one way to be a producer or musician. We need to demystify what that looks like. She said that collaborating with two straight white men shouldn't diminish the house's authenticity.

After moving Beanies underground for nearly two decades, Dijon's work has entered the light. She hooked up with Madonna through her former tour manager, who later became Madonna's documentarian/ photographer. Dijon learned that Madonna was interested in a remix from her, then went rogue and picked "I Don't Search I Find," a song from the early '90s. A video of the moment when Dijon dropped her remix at a Pride party went to Madonna.

Dijon said that you can't wait for someone to give you an opportunity. She estimated that she spins around 200 dates a year.

Dijon said that he was "gagged" that the pop star turned to him as a primary source of Chicago house when she heard about her interest in making a dance album. Two of the tracks on "Renaissance" were co-written by Dijon, Penny and Solomon. Dijon said she sent a list of New York tracks to Bey for her to reference.

It took months of back-and-forth with Bey's team as the songs were adjusted and reworked. Dijon and Co. didn't know which of the 20 or so pieces they'd been working on would end up on "Renaissance" until the track list was released a week before the album's release.

After the production work was done, Dijon met Bey at a party in Paris. She described it as a good day at the office, but also as a life changing experience.

She said it was mind-blowing to be able to occupy these spaces with these artists. She said she got to do it through her love of house music.

Her days of trying to get a $150 job are behind her. She said she's good. If I want to, I can go to the store. Twice in a single day.

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