Sport, TV, tech and fashion: what does 2023 have in store for us?

There has been a fashion buzz about Jack for a while. The 21-year-old from south-west London, who also has a contract with IMG Models, is expected to crash into the mainstream in the years to come.

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After taking a set off Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon in 2021, he first advertised his fashion talents by shooting from No 265 in the world rankings to a career-high 42nd by the end of the year.

He has taken a number of high-profile scalps, including the 2020 US Open winner Dominic Thiem. He needs to improve his fitness and his ability to see big games.

Norrie says he's certain that Draper can get into the top 10. In the coming months, you can expect that goal to be reached.

It might feel as if Beth has already made a fashion mark. 

She was the player of the tournament and golden boot winner as England's women's football team won the Euro 2022, and she was also made an MBE this weekend. She was able to achieve all this while her mother was dying of cancer.

With the Women's World Cup taking place in Australia and New Zealand this summer, there will be more than one face to watch.

There will be a lot of scrutiny on Mead, given that she suffered a serious anterior cruciate injury in November. She faces a race against time to make the World Cup, so it's not a good idea to bet against her.

The Paris 2024 Olympic Games are barely eighteen months away. The opening ceremony will be held along a 3.8-mile stretch of the River Seine, as well as beach volleyball and equestrian contests at the Palace of Versailles. We will get a taste of what's to come in the year 2023.

Breakdancing will feature in the Olympics for the first time in the Olympics in 2024. Only 32 dancers from all over the world are guaranteed a place in the competition.

The emergence of breaking as an Olympic sport is a far cry from its beginnings in the Bronx in the 70s. Surfing, skateboarding, sport climbing, and 3x3 basketball made their Olympic debut in the Tokyo 2020 Games, which were held in 2021.

I think 2023 is more similar to 1993 than any other year recently. Mosaic, the first modern web browser, was released early that year, and suddenly the non-technical world was aware of what it was for.

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Artificial intelligence is really the tech industry's name for machine learning, which is an arcane technology as well as Delta 8 THC Cannabis

Most people didn't know what it was about or what it was for. There was a new variant in the year 2022. There is a machine-learning system that can generate plausible artifacts. The Mid journey program can be used to create an image in response to a prompt.

Most people have thought of these systems as toys. The real killer app of generative artificial intelligence has just arrived in the form of a prototype that can generate text in response to a prompt. For example, it can write an essay. A US business school professor asked if it was possible to create a syllabus for a master's level introduction to entrepreneurship class. Do a lot of things.

It can also write fiction. It went from zero to one million users in five days. Everyone knows that it can do things that are useful but difficult to do. They know what this thing is for.

It is expected that the year of ChatGPT will be in 23. The students will like it. The teachers will be less interested. If you don't know if the essays are written by students or machines, how do you grade them? The assessment systems that rely on writing will have to be changed. It will become more difficult to detect online misinformation.

Mark is burning Meta's money on his metaverse project. It is a stable and profitable business because it has your family on it. It will be like Microsoft Office.

Musk will try to destroy it. The Americans destroyed villages in order to save them.

The psychopath Tommy Lee Royce was played by James Norton. The photograph was taken at Look Out Point.

Happy Valley comes back to our screens in a great year for female detectives. The third and final series of the show, widely hailed as the UK's Fargo, sees Sarah Lancashire again shrugging on the hi-vis jacket as Sgt Catherine Cawood. She has to deal with Tommy Lee Royce again even though she is looking at retirement.

True Detective will return in 2023. Jodie Foster will play a detective in a story set in Alaska in a series with a form for prestige leads. Better is a new series on the British Broadcasting Corp., and it stars Leila Farzad as a detective who is compromised by a drug dealer. After the death of Nicole Walker's Cassie Stuart, Sinéad Keenan is to appear in the next part of Unforgotten.

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There will be some cast changes in the Frasier remake. 

The show ran from 1993 to 2004 and was one of the best sitcoms of all time. Not only will Frasier 2.0 be missing Crane paterfamilias, but David Hyde Pierce isn't interested in returning to his role. They will only make guest appearances. Is Frasier able to pull it off again?

Jodie Foster is starring in a new series on Sky Atlantic. Richard Shotwell is an actor.

There will be new faces in the years to come. Chaske Spencer is up next in a Disney+ show called "Echo", which is about a superhero. There was a real breakthrough moment in Daisy May Cooper and Selin Hizli's comedy Am I Being Unreasonable? Rush is in upcoming episodes of Dodger as well as a new series in the year 2023. A second season of the Disney+ hit The Bear is on the way this year, and watch out for Ayo Edebiri, who is a sensitive, micro-expression-fuelled highlight in the note-perfect ensemble cast.

A Ukrainian soldier is watching a self-propelled multiple rocket launchers fire toward Russian positions. The images are from the Agence France-Presse.

There will be little relief for the people of Ukraine. The power grid is a legitimate military target according to Putin. 

Russian missile and drone attacks on cities are likely to go on until at least the spring.

 Millions of Ukrainians could be forced to leave their homes or flee abroad if the government can't sustain electricity, heat, and water supplies.

The refugee crisis will add to political strains in European countries that are already uneasy about the war-related cost of living increases. Public disillusionment is a problem for Russia. Will Putin lose his hold? It's a big unknown.

The war is still going strong. Both sides are expected to launch spring offensives. It looks like the prospects for genuine negotiations are not good. The majority of people agree that talks are the only way to end the war. No one wants to start the game. EU and Nato leaders don't want to force Kyiv to make territorial concessions. Their stance may fall apart.

Amid rising tensions with China, Marines in Taiwan conduct a realistic scenario-based drill for a joint intercept operation. EyePress News, REX/Shutterstock

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In China, the collapse of the zero Covid policy was a victory for popular protest and free speech, but it could also lead to a rise in cases of the disease among unvaccinated citizens.

The U-turn undermined the aura of the omniscience of the Chinese president. The economic and debt problems are worsened by mismanagement. He could look abroad to distract attention from his domestic failures. This could be the year that Xi tries to fulfill his goal to conquer Taiwan.

Israel's newly elected government includes far-right politicians in key positions. Benjamin Netanyahu, the prime minister, has repeatedly threatened to attack Iran's nuclear facilities but has been blocked by the US, which rightly fears the consequences.

The lawmaker is surrounded by right-wing activists. There are concerns over far-right politicians in the new government. There is a person named Ariel Schalit.

The focus will shift to further punishment of Iran if the nuclear deal with Tehran collapses. It would intensify the existing Iran-Israel standoff in Syria and Lebanon, further aggravate tensions in Gaza and the occupied territories, and possibly suck in Russia and the gulf states.

Young women are leading the anti-regime protests. At home and abroad, the mullahs may lash out in unpredictable ways due to continued unrest. The chances of a successful second Iranian revolution are not good.

Not every mention of the big book of the new year refers to Prince Harry's spare, or even to Victory City by the author. Pundits are excited by the debut novel from British- Nigerian author Ore Agbaje-Williams, which is already billed as the bookshop equivalent of Michaela Coel's TV hit I May Destroy You. The Three of Us is a dark, funny tale about what happens if your partner and your best friend can't stand each other. The manuscript was part of a challenge.

The National Gallery has an exhibition on female representations in painting. There is a photograph of Alamy.

One of the big shows of the year will be inspired by the fight for equal rights. The exhibition Women in Revolt! is about campaigning. The show charts work from the 1970s to 1990s inspired by domestic, social and political aspects of women's lives, including the Equal Pay Act.

The National Gallery has a show about women in the Renaissance. The show looks at the representation of older women in the painting. An Old Woman and An Old Man will be displayed together for the first time in fifteen years.

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The Fashion Young V&A will open this summer. 

The former V&A Museum of Childhood has been transformed into a £13 million project. The new space will let visitors know that exhibitions are not boring and celebrate childhood and play. The gallery is supposed to be the world's most joyful museum.

The economy and the prime ministership of Boris Johnson and Liz Truss were thrown into turmoil in the year 2022.

Over the next year, the challenge will be to show that they can steady the ship of state. After Trump, economic radicalism went out of style. The efforts of both men to maintain confidence in political leadership will be one of the main themes of the year. Politics will be duller with premiums on competence, fiscal prudence and claims to greater trustworthiness.

The best way to save the UK economy will be the subject of a head-to-head battle between the Shadow Chancellor and the Conservative Secretary of State. The picture was taken by Stefan Rousseau of the PA.

Cost of living pressures and the perilous state of the UK economy will dominate.

How bad things get economically for the country and how that plays out politically will depend on how deep we sink into recession and what happens in Ukraine.

If the war ends quickly, energy prices drop and inflation falls, the Conservatives may start to build a green shoot of recovery or a war-victory story. It's hard to see how they can overcome a 15 to 20 percentage point deficit in the polls if the conflict continues through the year 2023. The damage done to the Conservatives' economic credibility by the mini-budget will take a long time to repair.

The next election will be talked about a lot, with Labour likely to demand more. The opposition's core messages are becoming clearer: successive years of Tory failure since 2010, capped and encapsulated by that catastrophic mini-budget, which pushed up borrowing rates and has left millions facing increased mortgage payments

The Scottish National party will exploit the failures of the British government as they push for independence and reintegration into the European mainstream.

The Liberal Democrats want to win seats in which they are second to the Conservatives.

Labour will try to sell itself as a credible party of government after 13 years out in the cold, as they expect politics to assume a clearer, less chaotic form after the storms of 2020.

The prediction no one wants to read for the coming year is the biggest fall in living standards. The Office for Budget Responsibility, the government's spending watchdog, has already predicted the economic tea leaves for Britons in the years to come.

You may be wondering how that stacks up. It was pretty bad. Higher taxes and borrowing costs, half a million recession-related job losses, and continuing cost of living pressures are just some of the new troubles to consider.

The air in the UK is expected to leak out, but how fast is anyone's guess.

If you are wondering who will be most affected by the bad news, it could be you, with economists saying those on middle incomes will feel the most pain because their taxes are rising, their wages are falling and the government is withdrawing help.

After last year's cost of the living horror show, the worst of the price rises may be behind us. Sarah Coles, senior personal finance analyst at financial services company Hargreaves Lansdown, said that the journey down from the summit may not be as fast as the one before it.

The air in the UK is expected to leak out, but how fast is anyone's guess. The general view is that prices will fall even though there is no agreement on the magnitude. There are factors that increase the likelihood of a downturn.

After years of low rates, the Bank of England has raised interest rates from a record low of 0.1% to 3.5% in the last year. It used to be possible to lock in an interest rate of less than 1% on a two or five-year mortgage deal, but today it starts with a 5, which is bad news for the 1.8 million people with fixed rate deals who will see their rates go up.

As a result of the government's energy price guarantee, energy bills will go up again in the spring. The cost-of-living support package will not be the same as the £400 energy bills help for all. Wishing a happy new year.

Pocketings are set to be the big trend of the next decade. The freedom to carry your keys on your person is a long-standing feminist issue that isn't offered by fashion.

There were pockets on skirts, jackets and tops. Is it possible to throw away our bags?

The new pop culture book Butts: A Backstory, written by Heather Radke, looks at the history of our behinds through the lens of race, gender and class. The cover of this is serious, so don't be deceived by the peach symbol. Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec's sex workers, diet culture, and 1980s buns-of-steel workouts are just some of the things featured in the film. What does this mean for our bodies?

If the emerging nootropic market has something to do with it, there will be a change for our most vital internal organ. Smart drugs are meant to have a positive effect on your mental ability. They are part of brain care, an emerging category that hopes to do to your mind what Goop has done to your body.

The idea is that these supplements will replace more familiar stimulants in the search for a sharper mind, because they were born out of the Pandemic. They promise better memory, improved focus, and higher energy levels, and usually come in pill or cocktail form.

If you're curious, No 8, Kin Euphorics and Heights are nootropic brands. There isn't enough data on whether they work or not.

According to scientists behind the influential Global Carbon Project, annual carbon emissions were projected to hit 40.6 billion tonnes in 2022. We will probably go beyond 1.5C global heating within nine years if positive change doesn't happen soon.

Air pollution was listed as the cause of death on Rosamund Adoo-Kissi-Debrah's death certificate. The picture was taken by Dominic Lipinski.

In January, when a new president is elected in Brazil, there is a chance that climate action will be a priority.

The last four years have seen an area of the Amazon twice the size of Wales destroyed due to deforestation.

It will not be easy, but it is encouraging that promises are being made to reverse the situation. The environmental crime that claimed the lives of a journalist and an expert is out of control. The state needs to reestablish its capacity to curb environmental crime and strengthen its environmental agencies.

Climate finance will be one of the priority issues in the year 2023. In addition, this needs to support the rapid decarbonization of the world economy, strengthen adaptation to the climate crisis, and establish a loss and damage fund in the communities of the global south.

The proposals for how this could be achieved have been formulated by the prime minister of Barbados and her adviser. In June, the French president will hold a summit in Paris to build support for the Bridgetown proposals and to establish a new fiscal pact with the global south.

The clean air bill will be moving through the UK parliament. The bill is named after a nine-year-old girl who died in 2013). She was the first person in the world to have air pollution listed as the cause of death on her death certificate thanks to her mother's campaigning. Her mother was honoured for her services to public health.

The right to clean air will be established if the bill is passed in the Commons in February.

The first orbital flight of the first fully re-usable heavy-lift launcher, called Starship, is expected to take place this year. It has a first-stage booster and a second-stage spaceship that are designed to be re-used after landing.

According to Musk, the Artemis system will cost less to launch. He thinks the craft will be the main vehicle for humans to return to the moon. There will be another competitor for Starship. The New Glenn rocket is scheduled to make its maiden flight this year.

The Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, known as Juice, will leave for Jupiter in April. The picture was taken by Lionel Bonaventure/AFP.

The European Space Agency's Jupiter Icy Moons Explorer, or Juice, will blast off in April and arrive at Jupiter in 2031. It will look at three Jovian moons that have ice covered oceans.

The Psyche asteroid is believed to be the iron core of a young planet that could reveal secrets about the metallic interior of our own world, as well as being a part of the solar system. In 2029, the Psyche mission arrives at Jupiter.

Similar attempts to immunize against other diseases are in the works after the success of the Covid-19 vaccine. Nature reported last month that BioNTech is expected to start human trials in a few months for a vaccine against Malaria and Tuberculosis. Moderna has vaccine candidates for the viruses that cause genital herpes and shingles, according to the journal.

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