Medical marijuana executive orders take effect January 1

As the ball drops on New Year's Eve, Kentucky Governor Andy Beshear's marijuana executive order will become law.

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The marijuana orders were signed by Beshear.

The quality of life for many people would be improved by the use of marijuana.

Those suffering from chronic and terminal conditions like cancer and veterans suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder are similar.

You can use marijuana to treat yourself if you have any of the 21 conditions listed in the order. There are limits.

You need to buy the marijuana from a state that sells it and keep the receipt, you can't have more than eight ounces, and you need proof that you've been diagnosed with one of the conditions

There are still obstacles for people in Louisville to use medical marijuana.

It's a better answer than 16 prescriptions. Beshear said that most of them were drugs.

There are still obstacles for people in Louisville to use medical marijuana.

Only Ohio residents can buy marijuana in Indiana. Marijuana is legal in Illinois, Virginia, and Missouri.

The executive order won't make it easy for people on the medical marijuana front. It will make sure that they are not a criminal.

Beshear supports the legalization of medical marijuana in Kentucky.

The executive order is imperfect because the legislature should have done it a long time ago, according to Beshear.

One of the executive orders he signed was about Delta 8 marijuana.

Delta 8 is between two different types of plants. It has less of a drug than marijuana.

According to Beshear, a Kentucky court has ruled in favor of it.

It takes an act of the legislature to get it close to home.

The governor's order was criticized by the attorney general. The general assembly needs to have its say.

Two days after the orders take effect, the legislature will meet.

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Moon Flower Marijuana enterprise ready to bloom in downtown Buckhannon in early 2023

Moon Flower plans to open on Main Street in Buckhannon in February.

The building that used to house Jesterline was purchased by the co-owners of Moon Flower to house the entire operation.

Riley Queen told My Buckhannon that they built Moon Flower inside of the warehouse and decided to open a store. We wanted to have a bigger space because we are continuously expanding our product line and team. If we could find a spot on Main Street, we could have both retail and operations.

Combining the growing and processing side of the business with a retail storefront will allow Moon Flower to expand its educational offerings. 

Cannabidiol, also known as cannabidiol, is derived from a close relative of the marijuana plant, but it does not cause a high in and of itself.

It will be easier to talk to people face-to-face and really get across the different information they might need if we have an in-person space. It will be great to be able to give those consultations in person.

There are a variety of forms of Moon Flower's products.

Macie Queen said that they have gummies, cereal bars, hard candies, suckers, and a whole line of tea and honey. We do a lot of pet products that people love, including butter, tinctures, and different balms, and we have our whole flower line, which is directly from our farm. We do a lot of things.

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The marijuana retail space is under construction, but the rest of the rooms are already operational.

Riley Queen said that the grow room and retail space are being constructed right now. The grow room is going to be a great opportunity for education. A lot of people will be interested in seeing the plants.

There will be a bar in the space.

Riley Queen said that the retail space would have a full bar and tea on tap. We are going to do a lot of community events and things to get people out, and we have a stage out front that we are really excited to use.

Macie Queen stressed the importance of offering a variety of delivery systems for CBD.

It's nice to be able to offer a wide variety of things to people, and that's one of the biggest things we realized is you can have somebody who uses our products for insomnia, but their partner is using it solely for that reason. We have a smokeable line, but a lot of people don't like to smoke.

She said that they have a lot of options and dosages. We have gummies for beginners and high-dose gummies for people with experience with cannabis.

Moon Flower was developed by the sisters as a business when they were students.

Riley Queen said that their retail segment was the thing that flourished out of everything. A brand like this has been my dream design project because when I was a graphic design major, I wanted to design a product line.

Macie Queen and Riley both have a passion for their community.

She said that she and Riley are very passionate about Buckhannon. Being able to offer this in this space will be a really cool change for people around here since we were born and raised here.

Macie Queen said that she and her sister have experienced the benefits of cannabidiol firsthand, so they decided to provide these options to the community.

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Macie Queen said that she and Riley had had anxiety problems their whole lives, but after being on years of marijuana medication and then finding cannabis together, they shared a mutual respect for the relief they received from cannabis.

A lot of people think that cannabis is just for fun and that it can be used in many ways. Moon Flower happened when we combined our passions.

The new marijuana location is expected to open in February.

Riley Queen said that they don't want to open until they know what they want to do. January is going to be our absolute crunch month and we will be ready for our grand opening event in February.

Moon Flower's products will be available in other retail locations and online, but they will also offer exclusive products, Riley Queen said.

There will be marijuana products that are exclusive to our space, like the tea on tap, and we will probably come out with products that we just carry here, but as far as the product line that we sell online and to the rest of our retailers

Jamie Queen has a marijuana farm in Upshur County with her three children.

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