Marijuana Legalization in Florida Gains Ground: This Week in Cannabis Investing

Another big election cycle is on the horizon as we approach 2024. State-level cannabis legalization initiatives are usually vital in the prior election year. Weed legalization in Florida is of particular interest to us.

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A key hurdle for recreational cannabis legalization in the state was cleared last week when Smart & Safe Florida gathered more than 300,000 valid signatures.

 The committee obtained the number of signatures needed for the Florida Supreme Court to confirm the proposal's validity. The initiative will get the go-ahead from there. It will need at least 891,589 to make the ballot next year. With key stakeholders like Trulieve providing further funding and Smart & Safe Florida already around 30% of the movement gathering enough valid signatures to move recreational cannabis legalization efforts in Florida to the next step, there is a lot of movement going on. Better-informed investors are smarter.

New York's recreational cannabis market has a lot of fake products. There are a lot of issues surrounding New York's recreational cannabis market.

There was a report about the rampant import of cannabis from California and the ease with which it was counterfeited. New York has had a flow of this type of activity for a long time. As the state struggles to open recreational cannabis doors, it seems that it is getting more attention. There are some recommended videos for you.

The market is in a state of confusion and could introduce additional risks. Consumer perception and industry standards don't always fit together," Madeleine Scanlon of Brightfield Group said. You're like, "Oh my god, they all think they're shopping recreationally?" They don't know what's going on.<br />The location of the ball is precise. The industry is expected to force a proper course correction if state regulators can't see the damage. 

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The legal industry is affected by ongoing issues every week. We want the legal cannabis industry to benefit, and we need the states like New York to understand when they have messed up and make necessary changes.

There is a delay in the decision on the regulations of cannabis cannabinoids. The FDA delayed its decision-making on cannabidiol until Congress mandated it. The FDA does not talk about consumer safety. It doesn't matter what evidence the general public finds compelling because the administration sets its own bar on science.

There is anecdotal evidence that supports the need for more safety and efficacy data for the FDA. Is there a problem if the FDA had already acted on the lack of data on the effects of cannabidiol?

The next Farm Bill is believed to be an upcoming moment for Cannabidiol. Considering the recent history of inclusion in must-pass legislation coming up short, the cannabis and hemp/CBD industry must consider if any material deviation from language already in the farm bill will make the cut.

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The lack of traction that's gone over in the intervening years since the first farm bill, it's led us all to conclude that cannabis CBD isn't something that the FDA is trying to work towards finding a pathway to regulate,'" said Mrs. Bodi

The 1994's Dietary Supplement Health and Education Act is why the large supplement industry wants it to be regulated. The FDA may be wise in not debating the derivatives of cannabidiol. With the legislative and executive branches of the federal government letting the cannabis industry down, it may be time to pursue legal challenges. There is a chance that higher priorities will act to maintain the status quo. There is an opportunity for states to harmonize regulations and create a framework for cannabis legalization.

Every day the federal government doesn't regulate these categories; the states deepen their ties to the industry and further shape the future for these cannabis products and consumers.<

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There are little to no effects on the body from cannabis.

Wouldn't it be great if you could come home after a day of work, relax with a legal product, get a good night's sleep, and go to work the next day without a sore throat? The majority of cannabis users are familiar with this. We're not new to it. We have experienced the ability to have a work-life balance but have been told that it's just anecdotal.

Thankfully, research continues to grow for the legal recreational cannabis industry, and a new study from the University of California has emerged regarding marijuana and its "next day" effects. There is little support for next-day results and limited evidence of impairment.

Testing that can determine active versus inactive is badly needed by the industry. A saliva-based test is much less intrusive and expensive. We would like to know if a solution is in the works, as it could boost continued legalization progress.

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N.Y. botched its cannabis rollout

I worked in the legal cannabis industry in 2011. I became the chief marketing officer of an edibles manufacturer because of what I saw then. I decided based on the fact that legalization was the right thing to do. I knew I had a responsibility to help build a safe cannabis industry with tested and verified cannabis products sold in child-resistant containers.

I promised my family and friends that I would work from within the cannabis industry to leave our communities better than we started. In the past few months, I've seen the promises that I and thousands of others have made, and they're starting to fall apart. Bad actors in New York are one of the main culprits.

There is a serious threat to the legal marijuana framework, not just financially but in terms of public and private health, due to the use of synthetic cannabinoids. Delta 8 is one of many variations on the Hemp THC molecule that can be derived from legal marijuana plants, and it is being sold in abundance throughout the country.

Unregulated products are created by a chemical reaction. The long-term health cannabis effects of, which we don't yet understand, are created by this reaction. I've seen a lot of articles about the health risks posed by these products.

The federal approach to cannabis was undone by the Farm Bill of 2018, which is up for review in the next five years. 

In just a few years, the dollars pouring into cannabis have created unsafe, unregulated products available directly to consumers in gas stations, convenience stores, or online.

 The courts and Congress have not closed the loophole in the bill causing this. The FDA has yet to come up with regulations for the plant.

The Farm Bill was not intended to help shady companies make millions of dollars shipping potentially hazardous Cannabidiol products to states that refused to legalize the drug. The forms need to wake up and realize that their hard-line has created a less safe, less effective version of cannabis legalization, and they don't get to tax it.

I recently traveled to New York to better understand the market before my company's launch there. I was shocked by what I saw. Stores in Times Square openly sell cannabis. No driver's license. There were no tests. There is no child-resistant packaging. Walk to the Disney store after buying your product. There were stores six months ago that were selling Delta-8 products.

At least half of these products were made in California and not allowed to cross the border. New York isn't the only state with an illegal market. The state of California is still growing. Retail stores in densely populated areas have different access to the end consumer. California has a long history of growing and selling marijuana. There is a storefront in New York that sells illegally obtained products. I didn't like leaving New York. I thought about the promises I made when I was young to keep our kids and communities safe, educate, and be responsible since that responsibility doesn't only rest with me. Immediate action is needed at both the state and federal levels. The farm bill is up for review. Tell your representatives to close the loopholes. New York and California need to enforce the law. The War on Drugs failed, so we are giving everyone who fears legalization a reason to keep going. It would be sad to have come so far only to be defeated by greed and amorality.

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