How to beat NFL drug tests, Eagles' current Super Bowl champ Chris Long talks cannabis use

There is a cannabis dispensary filled with Philadelphia Eagles fans waiting to see Chris Long in Bordentown, N.J.

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The defensive lineman who retired after helping the Eagles win their first Vince Lombardi trophy appeared at a meet-and-greet with fans at a store in New Jersey.

"It's been a few years since I was on the team, but I still feel welcome when I come back," Long told Fox News Digital in an interview from inside the cannabis dispensary.
When I arrived here, I wanted to make a good impression on the fans. I am very lucky to be a part of this team and have great respect for the fans. When we come back, it feels good. Being a champ is the best part.

Long has advocated for cannabis use to treat pain. He said he used cannabis to sleep.

Long spent eight years with the Rams before joining the Eagles. He was the second pick. He had five sacks and 28 tackles when he was with the Eagles.

Long has advocated for marijuana use to treat pain. He said he used cannabis to sleep.

The reason I turned to cannabis is because of sleep. He said that sleeping pills had a negative effect on his mental health and on his sleep. The best day of my life was when I stopped using marijuana for recreational purposes. I thought I could use this plant. The switch was a game-changer for me because this is a very functional thing for me. I enjoy using cannabis for a lot of reasons. Sleep was what got me on.

Chris Beals, the CEO of Weedmaps, wants to talk about cannabis on Super Bowl Sunday.

Long has said that he used marijuana to treat pain. When it came to failed drug tests, the National Football League was harsher. It was easy to get around the drug tests because players knew when the test was, but it was difficult to stay clean in the days and weeks leading up to the test.

Tom Brady was tackled by Chris Long of the Philadelphia Eagles in the fourth quarter of the Super Bowl. The images were taken by Patrick Smith.

You know when the drug tests are. The time I spent off cannabis before my test was the worst version of myself because I wasn't well-rested. I was worried. It was usually in camp where we got tested that the pro football season came up. It was bubbling to the surface. I missed the chance to relax after a hard day of work. It was a lot better when I was tested. You know when to stop after you start.

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Long stated that using cannabis isn't just for pain. He said he used the drug to treat his own social anxiety and would rather have a joint than a glass of wine.

It is easier to get around the higher threshold now. I think it's important to remove the stigma in sports. We are removing the stigma in the whole world. You have to use it in a responsible way. We shouldn't be afraid of it. A lot of people use it. It was for me as an athlete, that's for sure. I think removing that stigma as an athlete is part of my routine and it works for me.

Long stated that using cannabis isn't just for pain. He said he used the drug to treat his own social anxiety and would rather have a joint than a glass of wine.

He told Fox News Digital that he uses it for social anxiety because he doesn't like going to dinner parties and drinking too much. I want to smoke a joint in the parking lot before I leave. For me, that is my two glasses of merlot.

Sometimes the edge can be taken off that way. It will help me in some way. It can help me sleep if I focus on what I need to be focused on. It is up to people to figure out how to use it in a responsible way. You have to be responsible about how you get into it and how you use it. That is the way I would speak to someone.

Ricky Williams helped him deal with anxiety by using cannabis.

Marijuana use is a challenge that Long and other athletes face. WeedMaps, a California-based marijuana delivery service, wasn't allowed to air a commercial during the Super Bowl despite the game being played in the Los Angeles area.

One way to break the stigma is for people to be more open about using marijuana.

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People are open about how they live their lives. He said that he has talked about it with no shame. I was talking to someone in there and they said thank you for trying to work on the stigma by showing up here. I am a businessman and a father. I'm all these things. I have a radio show. I have something to fall back on.

I smoke cannabis when I run these things. It seems dumb to say out loud, but we are here. People have these stereotypes. I use cannabis in my life. It is part of their life. It helps me a lot. I think more people are talking about it because it's an athlete's issue. It isn't a big scary thing. It is in my life.

His advice to people who want to have a good time? Marijuana should be used like any other drug.

"Just like you would anything else, start small and try different things," Long said. That's the thing. Someone will come into a shop and get something that is too strong. Some of my parent's friends have been reading that.
You really need to read the labels because it's not what you were smoking in the seventies or the eighties. It is similar to talking to people at a place like Curaleaf. There are a lot of bright people behind the counter that can help you. You can go in the direction you want if you know what you want from it.

Long is always close to the game even though he's been away. The founder of the Waterboys foundation helps bring drinking water to communities in need. The Eagles enter Sunday 11-1.

The acquisition of A.J. Brown and the emergence of quarterback Jalen Hurts make the Philadelphia Eagles the best team in the league.

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Long said that he was surprised that Hurts came in quickly. The guy was basically a rookie a year ago because he couldn't really get a true rookie year and that's a tough situation to be dropped into. 

His resilience is incredible. It is easy to see that the guys are behind him. It's like they're made for each other because he throws a beautiful ball outside the numbers in deep, just watching him and A.J. Brown work together.

It will be difficult to get to the Super Bowl.

The Eagles and Vikings have the best records in the league, followed by the Cowboys. The Eagles need to get the top seed in the playoffs in order to make the Super Bowl.

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It is important for the Eagles to get back to the Super Bowl. I think it's more difficult than people think. They match up well with the Vikings. I was concerned about the Niners, but Jimmy G is hurt so Brock Purdy is not certain.

You discuss the Cowboys. The other team gets to see them on Christmas. The Super Bowl is going to be decided by who gets the home-field advantage and who plays in Dallas and Philadelphia and the weather.

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