Feds push states to label cannabis products with DUI warnings

PA governor marijuana pardons, New York rescheduling bill, and a poll on cannabis as alcohol alternative in Dry January

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There have been many acts of clemency by the governor of New York. At a popular event hosted by the Coalition for Marijuana Policy, Education, and Regulation, Earl Blumenauer, Nancy Mace, and Brian Mast spoke. 

The Oklahoma attorney general talked about efforts to fight illegal cannabis operations.

The Secretary of the State Election Board is asking for money to carry out a cannabis legalization initiative. The Senate minority leader said she would not stop pushing to legalize cannabis just because some of the Republican leaders are open to more limited medical cannabis legislation.

 Florida officials, who must note, declined to issue some opinion on whether a physician's proposed business arrangement with medical cannabis recommendation service Veriheal constitutes a prohibited split-fee arrangement

A former California mayor pleaded guilty to a federal charge of accepting bribes and kickbacks in exchange for approving cannabis regulations. Retailers in Connecticut sold more than $1 million of recreational cannabis products in the first four days of sales.

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FDA May Regulate CBD Within Months. Cannabis reform is here. 

The Food and Drug Administration's headquarters is in White Oak, Maryland. Sarah Silbiger poses for a picture. The images are from the same company. 

In the coming months, the FDA will review the regulations of cannabidiol products. The FDA has taken a stance against selling cannabidiol-based products due to the need for more scientific evidence. The agency is in the process of developing a regulatory assessment for cannabidiol, also known as cannabidiol.

In an interview with the Forbes Journal on Tuesday, Janet Woodcock, the FDA's Principal Deputy Commissioner and leader of the agency's marijuana regulation efforts expressed concern about the safety of cannabidiol.

The agency wants to know if it's safe to consume cannabidiol on a daily basis for long periods of time or during pregnancies.

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The cannabis agency is working to establish some regulatory frameworks for the legal sale of appropriate marijuana and cannabis-derived products despite Woodcock's concern about fertility in the future.

The FDA will make a decision on how to regulate cannabidiol and other novel cannabinoids in the months to come. The other agency officers said that the decision might involve the creation of new agency rules or requiring new legislation from Congress.

Cannabis plants have a chemical compound called cannabidiol. 

It is one of the main ingredients in cannabis, but it doesn't have a high or psychoactive effect. The market for cannabidiol (CBD) products grew after the farm bill legalized it in the U.S. The products are thought to have health benefits. Many businesses in the cannabis industry are now selling cannabis cannabidiol. The production of products containing novel cannabinoids from the hemp plant that are not regulated and have not been thoroughly studied is a result of the plant's legalization. There are no Cannabidiol-based products approved by the FDA for use as supplements. 

Epidiolex, a prescription medication used to treat seizures, which is associated with Dravet syndrome in children two years of age and older, is the only Cannabis Cannabidiol-based product approved by the FDA.

The agency tried to crack down on the black market of cannabidiol and other novel cannabinoids by sending warning letters to companies selling cannabidiol-based products, such as infused foods and beverages. The FDA turned down applications from Charlotte's Web and Irwin Naturals for NDI notifications for full-spectrum Cannabidiol extracts. 

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The FDA rejected the applications because they couldn't be marketed as diet supplements.

The agency expressed concerns about the scientific evidence provided by the companies to support their NDI notifications, stating that it did not provide an adequate basis to conclude that a diet containing cannabidiol would be safe. The agency is trying to educate consumers about the health risks associated with cannabis products and the different qualities of these products. The safety profiles of these products may be different from what consumers are used to and may not be the same as other products they can purchase.

Most of the products sold in the US do not contain the advertised amount of Cannabidiol. Researchers found that some of the products contained high levels of heavy metals.

The FDA is aware of the market's growth for Cannabidiol products. The FDA estimates that the market for cannabidiol will grow four times its current size by 2026.

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A bill that advanced in the state Senate this week would increase the monthly purchase limits for medical cannabis patients in North Dakota.
Under some of the strictest restrictions in the country, marijuana can be found in the state.
The state has less than 9000 patients due to a strict list of qualified conditions.
Home cultivation is not legal. There are monthly limits on the amount of flower or topical products that can be purchased by anyone.

If Senate Bill 2068 is signed into law, it will increase the limit to 6,000 milligrams.
The bill would have raised the limit to 8,000 milligrams per month.
The compromise effort with the 6,000-milligram limit cleared the Senate after the Senate committee voted 4-3 not to approve the proposal.

Increasing the monthly allowance will encourage patients to use manufactured products instead of smoking dried leaves.
According to the state Medical Marijuana Director, North Dakota is on the low end of medical marijuana programs.
Voters in North Dakota rejected a proposal that would have legalized adult use.