Fashion Update! Paris Hilton’s Y2K style is coming to digital fashion

On Tuesday, 11:11 Media launched a fashion collection that was described as a "love letter to Y2K style" Celebrity's proven power to drive value

Y2k Fashion​​

In the early 2000s, the velour tracksuit was the signature look of Hilton. Kim Kardashian's Skims brand had a new ad campaign in October of 2020 that featured Hilton.

Four futuristic Wearables, including sunglasses, headphones, platform shoes, and a metallic tracksuit, are part of the pink-themed avatar collection. The latter is embellished with her famous phrases like "S living" and "That's Hot".

It's fun to see the opportunities creators are being given in web3 to express their fashion sense and creativity We designed a collection that will be fun for all of my fans since they will be able to personalize my wristbands and share them with friends.

Animoca, a game company, sold a collection of NFTs via the Nifty Gateway NFT platform in April 2021. Dedicated spaces have been set up in digital worlds. Paris World has a presence on two platforms, one in December and another in August. The latter has had 1.5 million visits.

The self-appointed "Queen of the Metaverse" is now focusing on her community and fans of her famous Y2K style in the digital realm after launching her own label. 

A small number of celebrities are enthusiastic about web3. 11:11 Media is the agency she set up to manage her global brand. Bruce Gersh, co-founding president and COO of 11:11 Media, said that the company invests in forward-thinking companies that play across their key business areas. They are pioneers in bringing together technology, fashion, and the creator economy. It was great to work with a company.

After earning $150 million in a Series C investment round, the fashion company was worth $1 billion. The company sells digital fashions, homes, and experiences and wants to be the leader in the creation of dedicated products. Digital products can be co-created and owned by genies. 

Full ownership and commercialization rights to its users were announced in January. Universal Music Group and Warner Music Group are partners.

Fans can use the Genies studio app to create their own Wearables. Users of genies can share their results to social media. Fans will be able to sell the results of their updates on the market. The fashion avatars can be used on a number of platforms.

Paris Hilton​​

Jake Becker, fashion director of creators at Genies, says that Hilton has the ability to create culture-defining moments that connect people around the world. 

Genies want to change that with its co-creation opportunities. Ready Player Me is a creator platform.

We are focused on giving everyone the tools to create what fashion they want. Becker said that there are many stories yet to be told and that many people have not had the chance to express themselves. The next big fashion brands, designers, and influencers will be born from our tools.

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Keyla Marquez Joins L.A. Times’ IMAGE Magazine as Fashion Director at Large

Keyla will be joining the magazine as fashion director at large. She will help grow the fashion coverage of Image on all platforms.

Readers who have followed Image in 2022 will know the name of the person who is a true creative visionary and has showcased her skills on numerous projects in the magazine, styling and fashion directing some of Image's most inventive, high-impact shoots. The spirit and rigor of her work are brought to her by each opportunity.

Ian F. Blair is the editor-in-chief of Image. The entire fashion game is her canvas. She begins her inspiration from a point of receptivity. She breaks it down The pieces are put together by her. She connects. She builds and does it for her people.

She is able to elevate a concept when she styles it, creating something new and fresh.

A community of creatives now revolutionizing fashion together, built her fashion and wardrobe styling career as a result. She wants to center historically marginalized voices in contemporary fashion.

"My perspective and intentional approach to telling stories through fashion is my superpower and what sets me apart from the mainstream canon of fashion." I want to highlight and uplifting the community of culture-shifting artists and creatives that I am surrounded by. That energy will be amplified by image. This new chapter in my life is a blessing.

LA Times Fashion Director​​

Marquez has styled for many editorials, commercials, music videos, and campaigns. Byredo, Mia Carucci, and Harry Styles are some of the clients. The first independent online showroom that specializes in renting sustainable and contemporary wear by new and established designers is called Lujo Depot. Nine L.A. designers were given carte blanche to redesign the suit for the shop's launch. One of these suits was featured in a feature on Maria Maea.

The deputy editor of Image said that everything is done with purpose and intention. She knows how to work with others to create something unique.

L.A. culture, fashion, and style are all things that Image has excelled in since it was reborn. A high level of L.A.-style institutional knowledge will help the magazine triple down on that mission.

I absolutely adore L.A. In a feature about her style influences, she said that a lot of her work is L.A. The culture I grew up in is finally getting support and agency. I get to style according to my life here. It is me who gets to do jobs that represent L.A. I am from Los Angeles.

Los Angeles Times' IMAGE magazine is available on the web and on the phone. There are limited copies of print issues available at various locations around the city for Times 7-day subscribers. March 18, 2023, is the date for the next print issue. Follow the Los Angeles Times image on social media.

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Paris Hilton​​