Fall Fashion: What’s trending? We didn't see this one coming!

Leather jackets can be worn with a lot of things, from jeans to sunglasses. A number of times in the last few weeks, the model has been seen wearing large leather jackets. The look can be dressed up and styled with a dress or a shoulder bag.

You can have anything you want in life if you dress for it

Runway Fashion "A trend setting experience"

Style is a way to say who you are without having to speak.

A lot of people are talking on social media about fall outfits. There are five outfits that have been earning a lot of attention.

The simplistic style of an oversized blazer and matching pants can be worn to a co-op interview or as an everyday fit. 

Adding a fitted top underneath the blazer will allow the outfit to be matched with anything from Doc Martens to the matching power suit. This trend has returned. I recommend that you shop for this look at the following stores.

Leather jackets can be worn with a lot of things, from jeans to sunglasses. A number of times in the last few weeks, the model has been seen wearing large leather jackets. The look can be dressed up and styled with a dress or a shoulder bag.

This is the New England style. The three pieces are comfortable and can be dressed up with some accessories. Flare leggings from Aerie, sweaters from Brandy Melville, and the UGG minis are recommended by me.

I have seen this trend over and over again. The chestnut mini platform UGGs have been seen on multiple occasions by the Supermodel. I think this trend will grow even more in popularity this year, and I think it's because of Hadid. A cute fall staple is the platform Doc Martens.

Cropped vests are a new addition to my wardrobe. A vest is perfect for Boston with the weather ranging from 50 to 70 degrees recently. The Aritzia vests are available in many colors and fabrics and have caught my attention. Amazon has a lot of options and colors to choose from. I plan to pair my vest with my New England fit this fall and winter.

The trend this season is Denim. Yes, Denim.

The next beauty trend to win over Gen Z is "Washed denim" makeup, a look defined by Y2K inspired light blue eyeshadow.

The colorful eye look is spurred by denim's post-pandemic comeback according to the executive director of trends. "We're in the middle of a denim revolution" Canadian tuxedos are chic, and light denim has gone from casual to red carpet worthy.

It's back in the spotlight. The singer walked the red carpet in a denim corset top and jeans at the country music awards. Jodie Turner- Smith wore a washed denim gown with blue eyeliner to the Venice Film Festival.

There is a group of celebrity fans. The cover of Taylor Swift's new album is icy. This fresh take on blue eyeshadow has been worn by several people.

According to the Popsugar article, washed denim makeup is universally flattering and is easy to recreate as it only requires blue eyeshadow.

If you want to blend it onto your lid, use a brush or finger to sweep it onto your lid.
The makeup guru told people to keep the rest of their beauty look modern with glowing highlighted skin and nude lipstick. She warned that the look most people are going for is not the ’80s ice-skater look.

The trend this season is denim. The next beauty trend to win over Gen Z is "Washed denim" makeup, which is defined by Y2K-inspired light blue eyeshadow.


TikTok and Instagram have become hubs for everything beauty and fashion. Trends are always being recycled, and aesthetics are always changing. Balletcore and Barbicore, for example, are two of the many aesthetics that have recently emerged from fashion shows and social media this year. Now, it's all about the coquette aesthetic.

Coquette is both a trend and a mood. Just like its name, it's defined as “a woman who flirts.” Coquette is feminine, idyllic, dainty, soft, and angelic. From pink mini skirts to lace blouses, silk, knitted stockings, and chunky heels, the trend is ever-changing as celebrities like Ariana Grande and Sydney Sweeney make the aesthetic their own. The coquette look also includes pearls, gold accessories, chunky shoes, and pendant necklaces, but its most important feature is allowing your own beauty to stand out. Simplicity and ornamental, yet playful and nostalgic, your look is channeled through blends of the hyper-feminine modern trend. Think: Black Swan or Lana Del Rey in the 2010s.

What sets the coquette trend apart from others is the styles that are being interpreted and reinvented, embracing one’s femininity rather than sexualizing innocence. As more people are dressing coquette, the emerging theme of the trend is all about unapologetically being yourself. 

When considering this trend, think of versatility, comfort, and functionality across the ensemble of items that make this look stand out. Style is ever-changing, and trends will always have a way to come back full circle, thus, experiment.

The Soko Cannabis Ball Fashion Show

The founders of SoKO have found a way to bring a luxury feel to the cannabis industry and beyond. Along with their high-quality products and fashion line of hemp clothing, they've shown they can stand above the rest. SoKO's founder's vision is to stand out among their competition by providing the consumer with quality, upscale products and events. To celebrate this accomplishment, there will be the fifth annual SoKO Cannabis Ball, set to take place at the elegant Boulevard Hall at 4265 El Cajon Blvd., San Diego, CA, 92105, on September 26. 

The event is not only expected to wow the audience but also to educate and inform on health benefits of using cannabis and health and wellness products. The event will include the following:

  • Hemp Clothing Runway Fashion Show
  • Diamond Dab Bar
  • CBD and THC infused culinary artistry tastings
  • Red Carpet Photo-shoots
  • Craft CBD and THC infused Cocktails and Specialty Cocktails prepared by master mixologist Product vendors and education
  • Live DJ and body painted models
  • Gift Bags filled with goodies and product samples

Event proceeds will go to the American Association For Lost Children (AAFLC), an awesome and unique charity that physically finds and rescues missing children, operating on tax-deductible donations. AAFLC spends months conducting hands-on investigations while traveling in and outside the country, performing surveillance and undercover work searching for and rescuing missing children.

Since the beginning, AAFLC has found and rescued over 135 missing children from places like Germany, Lebanon, South Korea, Mexico and across the United States.

Hemp and Cannabis Fashion on the Frontier