Enchanted Odyssey is setting the fashion world ablaze with its new fashion film

The fashion-forward film may have been filmed by Darang Production, but it was the students who created it. Thirty-three students created a film from its set to its clothes.


"I don't design clothes," said the designer. I dream. What happens when a person does both? The students at the Asian Institute of Fashion Design have. The first of its kind in Pakistan, the fashion film combines high fashion designs, a dream-like concept, and an abundance of young talent.

The fashion and textile scene in Pakistan isn't comparable to what's happening in the international scene or India.

The process has been going on for a long time. The school's creative director was approached by the CEO of the school to be part of her mission to steer the school on a new course. She came back to Pakistan to take the school on a new course after studying at the London where she wanted the same curriculum as international organizations.

The fashion and textile scene in Pakistan isn't comparable to what's happening in the international scene or India. They needed a refresh of an international scale, and that's what they got.

The students collaborated for a music video last year. They spent 10 months on the show.

Students from the senior class put together the project. The seniors were given the option of doing this project in lieu of their second thesis, and everyone wanted to be a part of it. Thirty-three students were chosen to work on the project with Dar.

Students researched, and made mood boards, color boards, and prints in order to create the "total fashion film". The prints were made by hand and then turned into digital prints. The blocks and screens were created by hand with the help of the team.

The students were involved in the set design process. They got to work on the idea and the theme. The storyline needs to be worked on.


The school didn't have an unlimited budget for the project so they bought fashion materials at discounted rates

They collaborated with some well-known professionals for the project, such as Rhyan Thomas for hair and makeup, but the pros followed the students' moods and ideas.

The students are taught skills that no other school is teaching. He said that many designers weren't able to push outside the box when he was in the industry He didn't find anything to experiment with. He thinks designers need to be prepared mentally.

The project isn't all about talking. They decided to create a ready-to-wear line based on the video because it was too conceptual and not practical. Both eastern and western clothes will be featured. There will be nine looks, including five T-shirts from the bliss section and two unstitched pieces.

They will have a pop-up shop on campus and online. An exhibition of the clothes is in the works. The production will be finished in January.

The strength of the students is shown in the film because not everyone wants to be a designer. All the students are passionate about their work, even if they don't see themselves there after graduating. For designers, it is different. Doctors and engineers get the same respect as they do. The students said they could have chosen another field and gotten more respect, but they chose this because they are passionate about it.

They are honoring creative individuals through the film. The film shows the journey of all creative individuals and is narrated by a young girl. The film says that your imagination can be crazy as you please.

Podcasts That Will Actually Teach You About Fashion

The best place to learn new things is through a radio show. Everyone can listen to a specific show. Listening to the opinions of experts and non-traditional experts in the fashion world is what made me pursue fashion. If you want to work in fashion and move to New York from a small town, podcasts are a great way to get started. Pursuing a career in fashion may seem out there to other people but remember, knowledge is power. On the way to work, during a workout, or my personal favorite, on morning drives to school, you can learn a lot about fashion.

We had shows like Tim Blanks's Fashion File and CNN's Style with Elsa Klensch. We have so many options to hear and learn about the different ways in which to wear clothes. Even if you don't want to work in fashion but have always been a fan of the industry, these podcasts will give you all the knowledge you need to talk to Anna Wintour or anyone else in the industry.

If you want to learn more about fashion than you already know, open up your ears to these fashion podcasts.
What are you going to do next?


Naomi Elizee talks to various women of color that work in all aspects of the fashion industry, from social media, design, modeling, marketing, styling, and more It's available on both Apple and the streaming service.

If you enjoy ideas being challenged and are well-versed in what goes on in the industry, then this is a good place for you. The commentary of the co- hosts is insightful and honest as they share their perspectives as Black participants in the industry's up and downs. You can listen to your podcasts on a number of platforms.

The business of fashion is discussed on the show.

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Monica Calhoun, who played Mia in The Best Man and The Best Man Holiday, will attend the premiere of The Best Man: The Final Chapters.

These best man moments live for free in our heads.

Aside from the numbers that come with fashion, there are designers that speak first-hand about building their brands and consumer communities, as well as expert reporting on the whereabouts of fashion houses and where Gen Z stands with the fashion industry. You can listen to your podcasts on a number of platforms.

There is a fashion show.

It's like a UK style of fashion. While Ssense has an editorial pocket to get into learning, Matches opted for an informative podcast that features designer interviews and authentic conversations from the worlds of art, architecture, and even ballet. You can listen to your podcasts on a number of platforms.

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The floor of the cutting room.

This is something that I like to do. If you haven't heard of it, please give it a listen to learn everything you can about fashion from designers to entrepreneurs. The industry's good, bad, and ugly sides are given an educational and genuine look by this podcast. You can listen to your podcasts on a number of platforms.

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