Creative producer Fred Stauffer is reshaping the fashion industry for the digital age – Rain

Fred Stauffer is showing us a new side of fashion. Stauffer was born in Brazil and raised in France. Stauffer started working with leading fashion and entertainment brands after his success on social media.


Stauffer was commissioned by The Louvre Museum to create video content with the Mona Lisa. It was a blow. The emerging creator talked about his creative style and what it was like to work with some of the biggest names in fashion and entertainment.

Fashion's digital identities are being created. "So. How did you get into fashion?"

Between 2012 and 2015, I worked with videos in the UK. I received my degree from the UK. I went back to France to find a job. I thought I wanted to work in engineering.

I wanted to make these loop videos for fun. I became more dedicated after seeing a few videos. I made these videos in my spare time. I was done with work at seven and went to the studio to shoot something. On the next day, I would do the same thing. I used to make videos whenever I had time. I began to have brands approach me after my videos hit a million views. I was asked to create content for them instead of posting. All of us are influential. People are always influenced by us. If you smile at someone on the street and they smile back, you are impacting them.

I had a variety of projects. I was able to adapt to all of the other brands because I am a person that is very flexible.
It was on love of magic.

Are you thinking about the same thing when you create?

I don't pay much attention to the formula. I think about what people will think. I want to find an element of surprise or magic. I enjoy magic and its effects. How did you accomplish that? What took place? I like having an effect on others. If you are stuck on the video for the first few seconds, you might want to watch it again to understand what happened. I expect that to happen. If this happens, it will please the program.


Your fashion style is similar to that of Jean-Paul Gaultier.

Creating that moment of the unexpected is what you mean. Gaultier is a clever man, but he is also a little mischievous.

Yes. I have never heard that before. That is intriguing.

A portrait of Fred Stauffer.

What was it like to attend fashion week this year?

I was proud of my work this week. I lifted a little. There was more cinematic work done by Prada. I use 3D. I made a video where I put a camera in a door peephole and showed different models. The things were made by me. I had a place where they hosted their shows. It's huge. There are sections after the show where they make content. I have a corner where they send me models to use.

The landscape is changing.

Each season is learning and growing.

This phase of changing audiences and media is super dynamic and fashion-forward. It is expanding. Your consumer needs to engage with a brand in a different way because fashion is so large. Karl Lagerfeld said they wouldn't sell Chanel online. Change...

I want to help the industry with this change. The brands have their primary campaigns and they have to shoot photos, videos, TV commercials and everything else. Smaller budgets and social campaigns are not going to be the main things they are thinking about. People don't watch TV anymore, so social content has the most engagement. They are all on their phones. The brands that give importance already see the return on that.
Simple isn't easy.


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Fans in the metaverse were given a chance to look back at her previous work, as she prepares to release her debut album. State Farm Park in iHeartLand was the site of a performance of some of her biggest songs on Tuesday.

She ran out on stage and started with her song "24/5." After singing for a long time with her fans, the British singer-songwriter continued with her new song, "Ghost of You." Her first full-length album is set to be released in early 2023 and will feature the song.

She performed "Dumb Love" in the summer of 2021. The song was included in the singer's first album. She addressed the crowd before singing her next song. She said that she wrote a song about learning to let go of someone even if you still love them. She said that she had to sometimes kiss people goodbye because they weren't right for her.

After a performance of the fast-paced "House On Fire", he picked up the energy on the platform again. She said it was about burning your ex's house down. A fan in the crowd gave a pink cowboy hat to her at the end of the song as she thanked the crowd for their support. She said she hoped you were having a great time.

"Good Without" was a hit in the UK and a fan favorite, but it was her last song and she took fans watching back to the start. The crowd was ready to sing when the microphone was moved from her mouth.

Her first studio album will be released next year. "This album is the best version of me and I want you all to accept vulnerability without judgment while you listen to it," she wrote in a statement. I can't wait for you to meet Amelia and I have an album about her as well.

Amelia will be on March 3rd. For the next two days only, fans can watch the live show on iHeartland and on Roblox.

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