Combining weed and athletics a big market (possibly) for NY’s cannabis industry

Weed and athletics

Mixing cannabis with athletics can be done in one of two ways: use it after a workout to recover, or use it before or during to enjoy the activity. The effects of cannabinoids on pain and inflammation are well-known and can be helpful following a workout. "Weed can help people during a workout".

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How does Cannabis Help with Fitness?

Stoners aren't so lazy.

Brian Lane contemplated not showing up for the Rochester Marathon in 2005.

Running a long-distance race felt like a chore as he juggled his job with raising two children and going through a divorce. He made his way to the starting line after dragging himself out of bed and taking bongs. Lane qualified for his first Boston Marathon with a 16th-place finish in the 26-mile race and a time of 3:19:23.

Lane said he was very fast as a long-distance runner without having to train hard. He told NY Cannabis Insider that he thinks it's the most under-talked-about niche.

The weed industry is responding to the emergence of a subgroup of users called "cannathletes" as legalization pushes marijuana further into the mainstream. According to scientists and experts interviewed, the market is much larger than they thought, and could become a profitable sector in New York.

Lane said that he hopes that the stories on his show will convince people that marijuana isn't a substance for couch potatoes.

He said that his regular cannabis users are all active on his show. Nobody is sitting on their couch.

Cannabis and Sports?

The National Hockey League doesn't take action against players who test positive for cannabis, Major League Baseball removed the drug from its banned substances list, and the National has relaxed its policies recently. The NBA has a ban.

The USA Track and Field effectively banned sprinter Sha'Carri Richardson from the 2020 Tokyo Olympics after she tested positive for marijuana, making it the most visible example of anti-cannabis policy in sports. There was a discussion about cannabis reform in sports.

Lane said that NOWAVE will apply for a license once the state starts accepting applications. He wants to release a line of products that cater to cannathletics.

Is there is a market?

The author of Runner's High said that Lane isn't the only one looking to serve the new market.

Offfield and Wana Fit are two companies that make products for the athletic market.

The cannabis industry conference is hosted by NY Cannabis Insider.

There is no demographic that cannabis doesn't reach: young people, old people, all races, all political affiliations, all economic backgrounds.

A researcher at the University of Colorado at Boulder surveyed cannabis users about what they use it for, and Hesse talked to her. A survey of 600 self-proclaimed marijuana users living in legal states found that 80% used weed before or after exercising.

Most people who combined cannabis and athletics had no idea how popular it was, and most people who did it had no idea how big it was, according to the author.

Some uses of cannabis in conjunction with exercise already have strong scientific backing, while others still need more research-based evidence, according to Dr.

He said that mixing cannabis with athletics can be done in one of two ways: use it after a workout to recover, or use it before or during to enjoy the activity. The effects of cannabinoids on pain and inflammation are well-known and can be helpful following a workout. Weed can help people during a workout.

The CEO of CReDO Science is M.D.. The picture was taken at his home. On 9/12/21

Research into the topic, along with his own experience skiing under the influence of marijuana, have shown that weed can shift a person's mindset in a way thatgibes with physical activity.

It's a benefit to be able to key into the rhythm that was required. It is possible that it causes an attitudinal shift towards exercise so it isn't as hard.

Professional athletes who use cannabis before training or competing allow them to focus on the game and not worry about travel and family obligations.

Marijuana and sports are not a one-size-fits-all combination. In weed, other cannabinoids and terpenes work together to create different experiences for different people.

It would be possible to have an idea of what kind of profile cannabis should have. The right chemical variety of cannabis could be tailored to the person's needs.

Marketing is cautious

A decade ago, research done by Dr. Greg Gerdeman showed higher levels of the endocannabinoid anandamide in people's blood after exercising than before.

The Nashville Commodities Exchange is a specialty crop exchange. He has studied the neuroscience of cannabis and cannabinoids for two decades. He said that for most people, weed strains that are low in THC and high in CBD and other cannabinoids are the best for exercising.

There is a lot of anecdotal evidence that marijuana can change moods in a way that helps people enjoy exercise and focus while they are doing it. The lack of peer-reviewed studies could make it difficult to sell cannathletes products.

"I wouldn't sell a product that claimed to improve performance or speed recovery time, because you can't say those things without stronger evidence." I know a lot of people who have used modest amounts of cannabis for weight training or running and found that it increased and improved the experience, but it's not proven.

He said that cannathletic entrepreneurs that he has interviewed have had difficulty starting businesses. He knows a lot of people who tried and failed at opening a cannabis gym because insurance companies wouldn't cover it.

While athlete-friendly strains seem to have a large opening in the marketplace, businesses that bring people together to exercise while smoking may not be viable.

The market for things like cannabis gyms is extraordinary, but the path to doing it in an above ground legal, lucrative capacity is not there yet.

Lane of NOWAVE thinks social consumption business models could work well for the cann athletic niche in New York. Golfers can take hits between their shots.

Lane thinks about ancillary businesses and trainers who understand the medical side of cannabis. I see the benefit at that location.

SoKO Cannabis Creations will be a proud sponsor at this years Crossfit Games in Las Vegas.