Celebrity Fashion Style of 2022 Will Shape The Entire Decade

Concert tours resumed, fashion weeks around the world picked up, and red carpets were renewed in full swing this year

Some of the most popular style moments in recent fashion history were seen by celebrities. Some fashion trends will come to define the 2020s as a result of this.

For proof, look no further than one of the year's most influential fashion style settings. One of the New York Times' most stylish people of the year, the model delivered a series of buzzy looks in the past year, including a dress. It wasn't all about the looks. The Adidas Samba sneakers, UGG platform boots, and cargo pants that became some of the year's must-haves have been more casual ones.

There is also Julia Fox. The It girl-turned-actress stepped into the style spotlight early in the year, wearing a grey motorcycle jacket with matching panta shoes

With her downtown cool demeanor, Fox made her own. She secured appearances on the Tommy Hilfiger runway during New York Fashion Week, as well as a devoted fashion following, including New York-based designer Elena Velez.

The post-pandemic mindset of 2020's fashion was highly versatile. Becker says that the 2020s fashion looks like a lot of different things. The idea is to make style look easy but also have it look elevated. Cindy Conroy, a celebrity style expert, believes that some of the most influential looks of 2022. 

The ensemble included sky-high platforms and a glittery dress, but it didn't carry a lot of weight. The robe-like red dress that was worn by Rih was comfortable and glamorous. This was one of the multihyphenate's best looks of the year, with the founder of Savage X Fenty delivering outfits that defy maternity style going forward.

Motomami, the Spanish pop star's biking-inspired album, was one example of the power of tapping into your personal fashion style. The singer's commitment to the biker core aesthetic shined through both her stage and street style looks with motorcycle jackets, cut-out bodysuits, biking helmets as handbags, and asymmetrical mini dresses in a consistency of red, black, and white marking a new fashion era for the performer As she stepped on the Met Gala red carpet, Rosala kept her sunglasses on.

Julia Fox

The most defining fashion trend of the 2020s so far is probably virality, because of TikTok's accelerated trend cycle and our societal fixation with the platform.

Becker feels that celebrities have shifted from having a signature style to selling items or aesthetics.

The fashion trend of the year was dubbed "Barbiecore." After pictures from the upcoming Barbie movie were shared on the internet, searches for pink products skyrocketed. The ultra-pink collection has amassed over 80 million views on TikTok. The strange glass handbag trend was also present. The glass handbag that Doja Cat wore to the Grammys resulted in over eight billion views on TikTok. When she showed off the trend on her social media accounts, she contributed to the numbers.

The Met Gala will take place in the year 2022.

During her performance,Rosala was wearing a TikTok costume.

Celebrity style has become a revolving door of nostalgic references that need footnotes to digest. While most of the trend comebacks have been enjoyable, many of the toxic traits left behind have also made their return, with headlines like "Heroin chic is back" rejecting strides made in favor of size inclusion since the early ' In the case of the Miu Miu skirts, this became obvious. Since making their debut in 2021, the micro sets have puzzled and amazed many, launching accounts like #miumiuset, gaining millions of views on TikTok, and appearing on virtually any celebrity that mattered. Paloma Elsesser on the cover of i-D is one of the only plus-size celebrities wearing it, which shows a sad reality about the fashion industry's lack of size diversity.

Becker thinks that 2023 will shift the vibes a bit, since style-wise 2022 was all about nostalgia. She says that a lot of celebrities will be entering their chic, more buttoned-up era. With the release of albums like Bey's Renaissance, and with celebrities' overall disdain for rules, it's clear that fashion style exploration and the freedom that self-love brings will continue to be a highlight of 2020.
It's hard to imagine a world in which internet culture and celebrity style don't affect each other, making trends last the lifespan of a milk carton. We don't know if we'll be able to keep up.


Fashion Expert Thinks Melania Trump Should Ditch Her 'Cold' Style & Take a Page From Kate Middleton's Wardrobe

With Donald Trump running for president for the third time, one fashion expert thinks that it's time for his wife to step up her fashion game. The former first lady needs to look to Kate to get ideas on how to warm up her personality according to Miranda Holder.

When she was in the White House, the U.K.'s Express was told, she felt "untouchable" because she was in the most expensive clothes. The former model lacked a little bit of humanity in what she was doing. The Princess of Wales has a fashion system that she uses to fix that situation.


Kate is still very much a part of the community. Kate is the commoner in the Royal Family and has done well for herself but we all know where she came from. 

She said that by choosing designers that are within reach of the average American's wallet, she should be able to relate to the public.

The fashion expert said that the first lady could mix and match it to show a bit of humanity and humility. They want to do it their way, so she doesn't expect them to take her advice. The Melania way means haute couture, which is way behind the means of most people's budgets, so don't expect any changes on the Trump fashion front