Cannabis Stocks Are Depressed. Hold Them, Analyst Says.

The market dropped 20% and cannabis stocks fell 70%.

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The analyst says to buy the cannabis dip.

Weak retail pricing, scarce capital, and persistent U.S. federal restrictions are hurting cannabis producers in the U.S. Over the course of 18 to 24 months, well-funded U.S. operators could consolidate weak rivals and gain institutional investors.

The big American chains that Zuanic likes the most are Green Thumb Industries GT II +0.44% and Trulieve Cannabis TR. He was fond of them all the way through the slide. These companies are valued at less than two times sales and eight times earnings before interest, taxes, depreciation and amortization, or Ebitda, because of their ground-down stock prices.

State-licensed cannabis companies will continue to grow revenue as more states allow recreational sales, according to the analyst.

The industry leaders eventually commanded multiples of 30 times their Ebitda, he said.

Congress missed a chance to allow these illegal operators to use banks that are regulated by the government. 

President Joe Biden asked federal agencies to study whether marijuana should be re-scheduled as a less- serious drug under federal law in the year 2022, according to Zuanic.

The analyst wrote that rescheduling would stop short of comprehensive legalization but would remove burdens from the state-licensed operators. Zuanic thinks that Biden could propose rescheduling cannabis before the election. By that time, a few of these U.S. operators might gain listings on the Toronto Stock Exchange, which would allow large institutional investors to own their stock.

There is a chance that Congress will close a loophole in the law that allowed the US to grow and sell cannabidiol, or CBD. 

Legal cannabis contains trace intoxicants known as Delta 8, or THC 0, and widespread sales of those concentrates compete with cannabis.

Zuanic believes that Congress will limit the 

sale of these extracts.

The analyst says the global industry could come to resemble today's liquor or beer businesses with a few dominant companies. He believes those companies will be American.

No one knows what the future will hold for the U.S. and world economies. Today there are a large number of disturbing known world-economic unknowns. We should be concerned about a world economic and financial market meltdown this year because of the troubling economic questions in Europe, China, and the merging economies. The unknown world- economic unknowns are not mentioned.

One of the more important known economic unknowns is how the world economy will respond to an abrupt shift in monetary policy.

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U.S. Virgin Islands Lawmakers Pass Cannabis Legalization Bill

The U.S. Virgin Islands became the 26th state and territory to allow the use of cannabis by adults over the age of 21. The legislation was passed by a veto-proof majority in the US Virgin Islands Senate. According to media reports, the legislation is expected to be signed by the governor.

On Friday, the Senate passed a bill that expunges past convictions for marijuana-related offenses.

The recreational marijuana legalization bill was a collaborative effort by advocates who overcame opposition to comprehensive cannabis policy reform.

Although there have been many politically driven false narratives about this cannabis legislation, I am proud of the work done by the Senators of the 34th Legislature, community stakeholders, and advocates. The body made sure that locals and minorities are not locked out of the industry and had any chance to participate in the economic potential of the area.

The senators worked through the holiday to finish the bill.

Senators worked over the Christmas holiday to work out some concerns with the bill and eventually made some changes to it.
Sarauw said jokingly in a statement quoted by The Virgin Islands Consortium that they almost went to war over cannabis.

In the US Virgin Islands, possession of up to one ounce of cannabis was decriminalized.

The bill that was passed last week will allow residents and visitors to the Caribbean island territory to buy cannabis and medical marijuana.

Sarauw said in the press release that the Territory will see an industry that is inclusive and diverse, but also safe. I hope that the current administration implements both Medicinal and Adult Use to their full potential for the benefit of the people of this Territory.

There are still regulations to come in the Virgin Islands.

Although the bill was passed by a vetoproof majority and has the support of the territory's governor, Sarauw noted that the legislature has yet to pass regulations to govern marijuana cultivation and sales, steps that are necessary before a regulated cannabis industry can begin operating in a legalized economy.

She said that cannabis would be on the governor's desk in no time. Rules and regs haven't been promulgated, no seal-to-seal tracking system and nothing has moved in this industry.

During the last legislative session, the bill was passed by the Senate. The governor and 11 of the territory's 15 senators traveled to Denver to learn about issues related to cannabis legalization.

It would be irresponsible of me to not move this legislation up or down because we spent government money.

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White House sends cops’ legal cannabis concerns to Congress (Newsletter: January 4, 2023)

In his inaugural speech, the governor of Wisconsin pushed for marijuana reform, while NY and NJ cannabis officials battled on social media.

The Reason Foundation tracked legislative and regulatory proposals across the states as part of its effort to build free and open cannabis markets. We can make our operation more efficient by using Marijuana Moment to complete the bulk of the legwork. We all become richer through the exchange when we specialize.

The White House Office of National Drug Control Policy sent a report to Congress detailing the law regarding drugs. New Jersey officials said New York's small launch is cute, while Empire State said the Garden State is focused on corporate profits over equity. Safehouse said that the move will start saving lives. 

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The first legal cannabis dispensary opened in Manhattan last week and it lives up to our commitment to prioritizing those harmed by the war on drugs. 

This is a big moment for cannabis small businesses, and for a more just New York.

Several Missouri municipalities are considering placing measures on ballots to institute local marijuana taxes. The president of Americans for Tax Reform said that the Republican supermajority still wouldn't listen to him.

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