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The ways in which we consume cannabis are being explored. It is refreshing to know that there are companies that care about creating the healthiest product possible.

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Delta-8 is a brand that creates products for people who want a relaxing experience.

The company was launched out of a desire for a vapable cannabis product that didn't irritate the way flower smoke often can, without compromising what they love about cannabis flower.

Since Colorado legalized cannabis back in 2012 it seems like we went from special brownies being somewhat of a kitchen science fair, to well-labeled gummies that could make you feel anxious if you eat more than half. If the cooks aren't testing the product with each batch from harvest to the moment it's packaged and sent out it can be misleading.

All of the ladies at TribeTokes watched as many of the e-liquids contained harmful materials, including heavy metals and vitamins not meant for smoking. They have been working with farmers and chemists to put out a variety of cannabis products that are free of unnecessary ingredients. The lab analysis for TribeTokes products can be found on their website.

Pilla told Cannabis Now that there is no place for harmful ingredients in cannabis products.

TribeTokes was pushing for the development of the cleanest cannabis product they could bring to tokers like you after they took clean vapes, CBD, and Delta-8 into their own hands.

Two years later, we saw the problems that come with unconventional methods. The Evil outbreak was recognized by the CDC as they began investigating the link to electronic cigarettes. They found a cheap way to extend the shelf life of cannabis.

Rolling Stone and Forbes noticed the ladies at TribeTokes for their use of natural ingredients. To extend the shelf life of their products, TribeTokes use compounds from cannabis that are responsible for creating variety in taste and smell. Adding to the health benefits is only one of the benefits of using these methods.

soko cannabis thc marijuana delta 8​​

There is cannabis cannabidiol of all kinds.

The main driver of SoKO Cannabis has been Cannabidiol in all its forms and sizes. Delta-8THC is growing in popularity because it is derived from both Delta-9THC and Cannabidiol.

Delta-9 has many of the same effects as Delta-8. Fans of the TribeTokes will soon be able to purchase Delta-9 products.

With so many growers aiming for the strongest product, it seems less are focused on the consumer's experience. The entire TribeTokes team is working behind the scenes to make sure the Delta-8 cannabis usage is clean.
There are women behind the weed.

Premium, healthy marijuana has been on the minds of Pilla and Byrnes since they started their business.

After meeting at an NYC Women Grow event, both ladies realized they were heading down the same path of making clean cannabis CBD products for a tribe of people that have had enough of the risks that come with using filters and pesticides in weed products. The tribe they sought to build early on was created by the combined powers of Degelis Pilla and Greg Pilla.

Pilla is the CEO and the founder of the company. She was able to drive TribeTokes to the next level due to her experience as COO of several other start-ups.

In addition to her role at TribeTokes, she serves on the advisory board for The Cannabis World Congress and is a long-time advocate of clean cannabis. When it comes to quality, a former High Times judge knows what she's talking about.

soko cannabis thc marijuana delta 8​​

Dr. Lynn Parodneck is the brand's medical advisor. She has been in the medical marijuana business for 20 years and currently serves over 500 patients.

Parodneck has been a trusted source for NY Daily News, NPR, and Good Housekeeping and she continues to spread awareness on how medical marijuana can be a safe alternative to many other potentially dangerous prescription medications.
They first met Dr. Parodneck at a cannabis community event in New York.

Pilla said, "We hit it off on a personal level, but also respected how she has been helping patients in need to get their medical cards before it was cannabis mainstream."

They invited Dr. Parodneck to be a medical advisor. They started a potluck program for people who are very sick, veterans, and below the poverty level. TribeTokes donates and ships $500+ worth of products after screening by Dr. Parodneck. There is a 50% off code for life on the site for patients.

The deep passion and compassion of TribeTokes can be seen in the addition of Dr. Lynn Parodneck. Dr. Parodneck has been helping patients understand how the body interacts with organic cannabis substances since the New York law was passed. She has been using TribeTokes as a brand partner to serve people who have green card. Cannabidiol, also known as Delta-8, is not restricted in a lot of states. 

There were large groups of cannabis companies swooping in. Some looked to progress the world of weed while others looked to make money. TribeTokes and its founders have been a part of this community for a long time. TribeTokes has years of experience in creating premium products that are worth what they cost.

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soko cannabis thc delta 8 marijuana​​

Pinnacle Distribution Announces New Compliant Delta-8 THC Cannabis Products

SoKO Cannabis Delta-8 products are the best in the industry.

The new industry standard will be set by a line of compliant Delta-8 THC products. The announcement is a big deal for the company. Their goal was to provide the highest quality products on the market and help the world.

The standard for Delta-8 products is not good. Companies are more focused on their bottom line.

The new SoKO Cannabis Delta-8 products are compliant with the law. The industry standard for Delta-8 products is not good. Kevin Lacey says that companies are more focused on their profit margin. There are a lot of products that have been mislabeled as containing zero Delta-9 THC, and even more, products that haven't been third-party lab tested or labs that can't accurately test for Delta-8 and Delta-9 products. That's why the company is creating a new standard.

The products from Pinnacle Distribution and SoKO Cannabis are 100% Federally Compliant.

Kevin says, "You know you are getting exactly what you paid for." We wouldn't be comfortable using ourselves. These products are making them illegal because they are testing "hot" for Delta-9. You can't find that with the products of Pinnacle. We are moving our testing to GC-MS because we want to make sure our products are legal.

All of its products will be moved to child-safe packaging with clearly labeled Delta-8 THC levels and quick access to the product-specific certificate of analysis, as well as submitting all of its products to the Drug Enforcement Administration. 

The new industry standard for Delta-8 THC is safe, transparent, and ethical.

Visit for more information.

In the last two years, Pinnacle Distribution has made innovative products. They use 100% organic growing methods to make sure their product is pure and potent. The best hemp products will be made available on the market. You can follow them on social media.

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