Can you smoke Cannabis in Public? We break down what you need to know about Marijuana laws

In the states where marijuana is legal, there are good jobs in the industry. Getting a job in Cannabis is one of the topics covered in a third session of an industry course.

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Some residents and out-of-state visitors don't know where recreational Cannabis can be purchased and eaten.

The Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board can regulate cannabis use and distribution. There is information on where you can get marijuana and who can smoke it. Marijuana can be sold and grown. 

Only stores with a cannabis license are allowed to sell the drug. Cities have rules about where cannabis businesses can and can't be. In Pierce County, mar can be sold at authorized retailers in Tacoma and Fife but not in other cities. This interactive map shows what towns allow marijuana businesses.

If you sell or give cannabis to a person under 18, you can be fined up to $10,000 and sentenced to 10 years in prison.

You can't grow your own marijuana for recreational use.

Weedmaps gives a map of all Washington storefronts that sell recreational and medical marijuana. Where you can get marijuana. Anyone over the age of 21 is allowed to get Cannabis. The amount of substance recreational consumers can possess at any time is limited. One ounce of marijuana is called buds or dried marijuana flower. There are 7 grams of concentrated Cannabis. There are 16 ounces of marijuana-infused goodies.

Adults can have cannabis-related products such as a bong or pipe. There is a place where you can smoke pot. You can smoke Cannabis at a private residence, but property owners still have the right to make their own rules. Employers can place restrictions on people who have medical cannabis authorization. Smoking or eating marijuana in public spaces is against the law. Public hiking trails and ski resorts are examples.

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Driving under the influence of cannabis is a criminal offense.

The limit of blood-thc is 5. Federal law does not protect people's rights to use marijuana. Federal authorities can enforce their own regulations at airports, seaports, near the coast, and at the Canadian border.

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Wisconsin Republicans Refuse to Consider Legalizing Recreational Cannabis Use

Even though most of the state's residents support the legalization of marijuana, Republican lawmakers in Wisconsin have indicated that they will not support cannabis.

Marijuana could be made accessible for medical reasons in the state. Medical marijuana use is allowed in every state that is contiguous to Wisconsin. In a recent interview with The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Assembly Speaker Robin Vos stated that he and other Republicans are trying to get marijuana legalized for medical use. The majority leader of the Senate has indicated that he and other Republicans in the chamber favor a measure like that. Even though two states bordering Wisconsin already have such measures. 

A third appears to be headed in that direction, and both leaders said they didn't see a path forward for legislation that would legalize the recreational use of the drug. Efforts to legalize recreational Soko Cannabis would deter members of their caucus from supporting medical marijuana use. He told the Journal Sentinel that he wants the bill to ensure that people who suffer from a chronic disease get some sort of relief that helps their quality of life.

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Consumers get high on synthetics when cannabis is hard to find.

Vos said that Evers's support for the measure would scare off GOP lawmakers who are on the fence about backing medical cannabis use. Vos said he would do everything he could to ensure that it was helping people with many chronic diseases, not creating a pathway to recreational marijuana. I know our caucus wouldn't approve of that. It wouldn't be good for the state. The state assembly leader wants any medical cannabis bill to be very specific so that residents of Wisconsin can get a prescription. Some people may not be able to benefit from medical marijuana because of these restrictions. More than two-thirds of registered voters in Wisconsin think that the recreational use of marijuana should be legalized, while less than a third think it should be illegal. A majority of Wisconsin residents support legalization, according to a survey by the law school. 

Evers, who has won the governorship for two straight terms, has proposed including marijuana legalization in his next state budget, just as he did in his first proposal as governor. The governor will keep his promise to the people of Wisconsin that he will propose legalized marijuana in his next budget after he is re-elected

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Republicans in the state legislature have blocked every attempt at cannabis reform by the governor. 

Republicans can block marijuana decriminalization because of gerrymandering. The GOP won close to two-thirds of the seats in the state legislature despite Evers securing half of the statewide vote. Wisconsin is one of the most gerrymandered states in the country according to research by Harvard and George Washington universities. It's difficult for Evers to push for popular legislation, like marijuana decriminalization or legalization. Jay Selthofner, the founder of the Wisconsin Cannabis Activist Network, told Truthout that the gerrymandering of the maps impacted the legalization of marijuana. Republican versions of medical marijuana have had little movement in recent years. Wisconsin would be on the path to legalization of adult-use marijuana if Republicans were to govern instead of the rule. In the state's capital city of Madison, residents can purchase synthetic cannabinoids across the street from the state capitol building. Pot possession and use have been decriminalized in several cities. Under the license terms, you can share and republish this article.

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New York's cannabis business owners are about halfway through the year's first month. We covered a lot of stories in NY Cannabis Insider. We ran a story about the Office of Cannabis Management's first annual report. OCM engaged with other government entities, industry stakeholders, and communities, as well as developing its public education, enforcement, and health and safety methods, as outlined in the report.

The story includes NY Cannabis Insider's version of the report that highlights key tidbits from the full document.

Hudson Health Extracts will be added to the medical cannabis registered organization in New York. The Empire state has had 10 ROs over the years, and nine of them are large multistate operators.

Hudson Health Extracts was ordered to get approval from the New York Department of Health to cultivate, manufacture and sell weed on the medical market. The OCM was ordered to approve four dispensary sites by the judge.
The Asian Cannabis Roundtable has been informally meeting for about six years and recently formed its board of directors. ACR will hold its first party in New York City on January 20, and board members will meet the next day for their first official meeting.