Hemp Clothing runway fashion shows to culinary artistry, mixology, and art. The Cannabis Industry never looked so good!

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Dave Soko says the company has a wide range of products that allow users to discover and enjoy luxury cannabis. 

Users can find a variety of products at SoKO Cannabis. The products contain high-quality organic cannabis giving users an experience unlike anything else. Soko isn't just changing attitudes towards cannabis with its line of merchandise. The Cannabis Ball is a fusion of fashion and cannabis.

The company is growing fast and has a lot of potential. Dave is the CEO of SoKO Cannabis, a company in the cannabis industry. 

Is it possible to explain the company and what led you to find it?

I wanted to become the "Gucci of Cannabis." We decided to be pioneers of change because of the negative connotations associated with cannabis.

SoKO is considered to be influential, innovative, and progressive by us. We are changing the way cannabis is marketed.

SoKO Cannabis Creations is the culmination of a unique collaboration between artists, fashion, and cannabis experts and represents the epitome of craftsmanship and attention to detail, further reinforcing SoKO's position as one of the world's most desirable cannabis brands.

Prior to launching the SoKO Cannabis brand, what did you know about cannabis and hemp?

"I have been in the industry for over 10 years. The research and development of our brand took place over the course of two years. Prior to this, I was in the fashion industry and started Florida Fashion Week. Another company called Glamour and Glow, which had fashion shows in San Diego and beyond. 

The company didn't need to borrow money. How did you get the funds in place to start the company?

Since our company has been self-funded, we have been able to scale the business up by using investment money from my other event production businesses to gain traction in the marketplace.

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SoKO's cannabis products will be sold in the United Kingdom, Spain and France this coming year. 

The company is the first Californian company to distribute its products overseas. SoKO has a wide range of Cannabidiol and organic cannabis products. Those looking to improve their health through all-natural supplements and products will find the company's products appealing. 

The company has been referred to as the "Gucci of Cannabis" because it wants to be a luxury provider of cannabis and hemp products. Soko is a brand. 

You have been called the "Gucci of Cannabis". What happened to that nickname?

"The brand name SoKO is my last name, but it was created to be a luxury lifestyle brand. One of SoKO's core values is social responsibility. We have implemented a process to integrate social, environmental, ethical, human rights and consumer concerns into our business operations because we know that the philosophy of sustainable value is at the heart of our management policies. Our business model is designed to give our customers the highest quality products that are made in California".

Dave Soko was aware that most Americans weren't ready for cannabis. The mention of a naturally grown product can make people uneasy. Soko came up with the idea that fashion, food, music, and cannabis would all be part of the same sphere.

soko cannabis ball​​

The SoKO Cannabis Ball was created to rid marijuana of its hippie, tie-die, and dirty look and negative connotations associated with the stigma. 

Some of the most well-known cannabis companies in Southern California were in attendance at the first Cannabis Ball. The eventgoers were able to enjoy the best cocktails and live music.

The Cannabis Ball allows people to put on a tuxedo and ball gown while at the event. The event's meaning has not changed, even though it has evolved to deliver the best experience to attendees.

You have your finger on the pulse of many things. The SoKO Cannabis Ball combined cannabis with food. Can you tell us more about the Cannabis Ball?

"We wanted to be different when we entered the industry. I didn't like going to the same cannabis events with the same people. I started the ball. 

What do you do to bring the mainstream into cannabis? 

There is an opportunity to put on a tuxedo and ball gown at the event. The SoKO cannabis ball was born. Many people who have been to the event had no idea it was a cannabis event. Many people who were never associated with cannabis have seen it in a completely different light. Some past attendees of the ball didn't realize it had a connection to cannabis when they arrived. The Cannabis Ball has the ability to change the image of marijuana and cannabidiol products.

The fourth annual SoKO Cannabis Ball was held in San Diego. The March edition of the event featured a runway fashion show and many other things.

soko cannabis ball​​

The education provided by the Cannabis Ball is one of the most essential parts. 

SoKO is giving groups a platform to share the benefits of the much-maligned natural product because of the increase in interest in cannabis products in the United States. The cannabis ball was created for the social responsibility of the company. 

Soko has a different approach to cannabis than has been done before. 

Posters of Jimi Hendrix and Bob Marley are not on the event's walls. The guests enjoy high-end cocktails while listening to DJs and watching models. This is a brave new world in which cannabis is celebrated and not hated.

The ball is going to continue to grow because of SoKO. A lot of people still have opinions about cannabis. It's foolish to say that the SoKO Cannabis Ball doesn't have a more significant impact than the runway fashion show. Many of the natural product's most prominent endorsers don't do as much for cannabis as Soko, and his luxury brand do.

soko cannabis ball​​

Those in the cannabis industry should be proud of his foresight in taking a different route to deliver the message.

Success has been great for the company, which has been around for just two years. What is the impact the company is having on the world of cannabis? 

"It's been challenging to scale the business due to the growth. We have made an impact by creating waves in the fashion world".

SoKO wants to bring cannabis to the high-end market. Does cannabis have a stigma as a luxury item?

I wanted to create a brand that was sexy, fashionable, and accessible because cannabis has a negative stigma. The SoKO line of products has something for everyone.

It has only been two years since the company was founded, but it seems like the sky's the limit. 

What are the next steps for SoKO Cannabis?

Things have moved quickly. We just launched our SoKOCBD line in Europe, so continuing the brand's vision, not just in the US but also the world, is our focus over the next three years. 

The SoKO Cannabis Ball will be held in Miami, Las Vegas and New York City in the next year or so. At the Cannabis Ball in San Diego, we will be launching our clothing swimwear line. We want our brand in all 50 states by the time it becomes legal.

The delivery of our product to the public depends on our partners' success.

SoKO wants to push the boundaries of cannabinoids. The United States' growing acceptance of cannabis has aided the company's success. SoKO's trajectory continues to trend upwards. More people will discover the brand with the introduction of Cannabis Balls in other cities.

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