Can fashionable hemp also be sustainable in the Cannabis Industry?

Israel isn't a leader in sustainable fashion, but it could be.

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The name is on it. The fashion industry wants us to only consume their products for a short period of time, and then throw them away. 

An industry that dictates that something is disposable as it is out of fashion is unsustainable. There is a need for a variety of solutions.

The current situation is not good. The fashion industry produces up to 8% of global carbon emissions, and is a huge contributor to water pollution as well as landfills, according to a recent article by the World Economic Forum.

Consumers have the power to vote with their feet if they really want to limit climate change rather than follow the editors of fashion magazines.

There are a number of Israeli fashion designers and startups that are working to make the fashion world a better place. At least one Israeli artist, Adi Karni, who is focusing on sustainable fashion technology including 3D printing technologies and NFTs, is discussed in a recent Vogue article.

The Israeli/Italian material sciences company Balena was founded by David Rombach. The company recently announced that the slides are made of proprietary plastic. Tel Aviv has the plan to dispose of the shoes in a way that will make them bio-degraded.

Unless, a US-based collective of innovators, engineers, artists, and activists in the fashion industry, recently announced that it was creating a regenerated sneaker made from plants and minerals. The shoes can be recycled. Plastic bags, mushrooms, and even shrimp biowaste are some of the inputs that other companies have looked at as alternatives to leather.

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The recycling of fashion and cannabis products seems to be dependent on the continued existence of the company.

Similar to a recently reported concern with regard to brain-machine interface companies that go out of business leaving their customers with unsupported implanted devices, there need to be broad policy efforts to make sure that these innovative types of clothing remain recyclable.

In the world of sustainable fashion, recycling or upcycling is a must. The upcycling seems to be a ploy to greenwash an otherwise environmentally unfriendly company. One company is trying to convert discarded flip-flops into art and another is trying to convert discarded fish skins into leather products. KitePride, for example, upcycles kitesurfing sails into fashionable bags and provides jobs to survivors of prostitution and human traffickers.

Upcycling shouldn't be included in a fashion company's business model.

Eco-friendly opportunities for fashion businesses to interact with their customers can be found in the virtual world. 3D body scanning can be used to create clothing that fits and lasts longer and doesn't lead to an overstock of non-fitting clothing.

Virtual reality and augmented reality can allow customers to try on clothes. Most of the ill-fitting clothing that is returned to retailers is passed on to the garbage.

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The use of novel technologies in the fashion industry to reduce its negative impact on the environment raises ethical, legal, and social considerations. 

Many poor families could find themselves out of work due to technological unemployment, considering that a lot of the fashion production workforce is located in poor developing nations.

Privacy is one of the concerns. When purchasing clothing at a retail outlet, the store usually only has a name, address, and clothing size. A person's gender, ethnicity, race, and even potential medical conditions can be revealed from the virtual size. That is when they are being hired. 

There is a need for industry-wide standards and terminologies to prevent false advertising to trick customers into thinking that the brand they are purchasing is socially conscious. Without real and reliable enforcement, these standards will not help consumers make educated choices.

It is possible that strict definitions could hurt retailers. Current efforts to prevent plant-based meat products from being labeled as meat are being considered. The real reason for protecting the meat industry from progressive brands is to protect consumers. If plant or fish-based leathers are not allowed to describe their product as leather, consumers might not buy them.

The Zvi Meitar Institute for Legal Implications of Emerging Technologies is headed by Dov Greenbaum. There will be a conference on sustainable fashion at Reichman University on January 8th.

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Cariuma dropped black leather sneakers—shop our favorite sustainable fashion kicks for 2023 today

Cariuma shoes are a good choice if you want to embrace sustainable fashion in 2023. Cariuma makes some of the best sustainable sneakers out there because of how comfortable they are. The brand just dropped one of their best-selling sneakers in a new iteration that will bring a sustainable edge to your shoe game.

The Cariuma Salvas is now available in black leather and off-white accents, just in time to give you a new wardrobe. The sneaker is available in men's and women's sizes and comes in all-black LWG-certified premium leather, meaning it is never sourced from deforested areas for cattle farming and is always sourced from suppliers who work to provide socially responsible products. Natural rubber was created in an effort to preserve the health of the tree and bark. The laces are made of recycled plastic and the recycled mesh lining are part of a sustainable design element.

The simplicity of the fashion design of the Salvas sneaker makes it an easy shoe for daytime chores as well as a comfortable night out. 

These kicks are made with quality and comfort at the helm of Cariuma's ethos and are made to last and keep you fashionable wherever you go.

Our editors loved Cariuma's sustainable practices, as well as the sneakers themselves when we tested them. To say that Cariuma sneakers are comfortable would be a serious understatement. I think they are the most comfortable shoes I have ever worn.

The brand will plant two trees for every pair of Cariuma sneakers purchased. Cariuma is a certified B Corp, which means it has been recognized for its efforts toward sustainable living. Cariuma makes its sneakers from sustainable sources. 65% of the brand's shoes are vegan, a number they hope to increase over time.
The Cariuma Salvas is made for people who are looking for a new sneaker. It's not known how long this popular new drop will last.

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