14 Fashion Rules That Are Made To Be Broken

The fashion rules help us to avoid style faux pas. If you are not a fashion professional, having some guidelines and working your creativity around them is a good idea. "We all like to think we're individuals but rules give people a certain security when it comes to fashion," says Professor Andrew Groves

inger's most bellicose fashion choices ever.

Dressing up for the opera is an example of a directive that has stood the test of time. Military uniforms, dress standards, and traditions are not the only fashion rules that are unmovable. They might have some truth in them, but don't send them to the letter. As both fashion and dress codes have evolved, some of the most well-known style dos and don'ts are no longer relevant. Others are too rigid and don't take context into account. Proper styling can make the unexpected work well for the woman who is wearing it.

Common sense fashion, knowledge, and power of observation are some of the things that can be used to determine what is appropriate. It's the safest option to observe the work of stylists who break rules in a fashionable way.

A few years back, notorious fashion designer and society icon Carolina Herrera sparked controversy and got a lot of online backlash when she advised against women over the age of 40 wearing "jeans, long hair, or bikinis." She told the Daily Mail that pretending she is still young is the best way to age.

There are different opinions on short skirts within the fashion industry. Many women look amazing in mini skirts regardless of their age, according to most style advisers.

The way you look, your personality, and your personal style are more important than the number on your ID card, according to fashion and beauty experts. How you wear them matters. Some women's fashion never looked good in short hair at any age and in some people, a long, well-kept mane can add youth to their look. At any age, you can wear your hair. The way your hair makes you feel is all that matters. More and more women are choosing to keep their hair long as they get older. A prime example of this is the stunning fashion designer Elle Macpherson, her hair does wonders for maintaining her youthful glow. If you go with a flattering pair that suits you, jeans are a good choice.

There are different fashion opinions on short skirts within the fashion industry. Many women look amazing in mini skirts regardless of their age, according to most style fashion advisers.

It takes a certain profile to pull off a mini skirt that is associated with youth and innocence. If you have worn minis your entire life and know how to make them work for you, you are probably good.

The short fashion skirt makes a harsh contrast with one's beauty type. Not all minis are the same. It's a good idea to choose the most flattering length and then make styling adjustments. Kate Moss and Gwyneth Paltrow are great examples of how to wear a mini.

While the common saying "black and blue will never do" has gained urban myth status in the fashion world, the same is often said about black and brown. Black and blue are neutral. According to Today, there is a neutral wardrobe that works with almost anything. Adding these shades to your wardrobe is always a good idea. The combination of blue and black looks particularly sophisticated because dark shades naturally work well together.

You don't have to make sure you choose the right tones. You need to be clear that you are wearing two different colors. If you shy away from any deep navy or brown that is faded black, you are safe.

The combination of gold and silver chains and hardware was one of the most popular features of the Gabrielle bag. When choosing between gold or silver, was the client's pain gone? It was easy to wear with anything in one's wardrobe if you had the best of both worlds. If Karl Lagerfeld, a fashion genius who was always cautious about stepping into "tacky" territory, gave mixed metals his blessing, mortals can only assume that the fashion myth doesn't hold up. It has a reason to exist. You can get it right if you are wearing only metallics. The effect of combining different ones is stunningly good.

When styling clothing, jewelry, and accessories, Silverbene has a few fool-proof tips to mix tones that can be applied when wearing a solid-colored outfit. If you can, have at least one accessory that has both colors. It is possible to wear gold and silver in a piece. This will complement your outfit.

There are other factors that are even more important than the classic style guideline. Even if the shoes are the same color, a very casual bag will still work against them. The bags, belts, and shoes don't have to match exactly, but they have to relate and make sense together.

According to Thread, a beautifully contrasting narrative can be achieved by combining similar tones or different colors in the same color scheme. It's okay to pair nude shoes with a brown bag or blush sandals with a fuchsia bag, but you can mix and match to create a unique look. You can only focus on one item at a time, like neutral shoes, a belt, and an extravagant bag.

The "no white after Labor Day” fashion rule makes people think twice about wearing white. In some European countries, white trousers in January is a sign of little money. On both sides of the Atlantic well-to-do people had lighter-colored clothes for the summer, but they didn't want to wear them in the winter because it would be hard to catch mud or dirt stains. This rule is outdated. When long-distance travel and snow sports became fashionable, wearing winter white became chic for the elites.

This is a  fashion myth that is based on practicality. It's up to you and to how you style it, if you can pull white off in a warm way and keep it clean.

If you're a ginger, you're probably familiar with the myth that red hair and pink clash. It's possible to pick colors to accentuate your hair without taking away from the power of being a redhead alone.

Since each one has a range of  fashion shades, forbidden colors are not really a thing. There are many different shades of pink and red hair. Different levels of strawberry blonde, orange, copper, bright red, and deep auburn can be found. Skin tone and eye color play a role in picking flattering tones. Somewhere along the spectrum of cool, warm, deep, soft, light, and dark pinks, there has to be one that is perfect for you. Redheaded celebrities who wear different pinks often have gorgeous results.

The fashion rule is a good one to ponder. Depending on your body type, you can either be tall or short in pictures. Depending on how you style them, skirts of any length can make you look small or large. Do not avoid long skirt fashion if you want to appear longer and leaner. They can help give you height, as proven by diminutive and fashion-savvy celebrities. Follow some tried and true style tips to make them work for you.

High-rise skirts give the appearance of long legs. Oxford says to stick to solid colors or small prints in dresses. If you want to try a slightly fitted style, make sure that the hem is fitted to hit around your heels instead of dragging. According to Office, a good example of a flattering skirt is the long back-slit skirt by Givenchy, a design that looks great on anyone.

If styled fashion correctly, less mixed prints can make an otherwise bland outfit more interesting. It is possible to maximize everything you own by playing with different Patterns. Imagine how many more outfits you can make with a single skirt if you combine it with your printed tops. There are guidelines to follow in order to break this rule in a stylish way.

It's too risky to combine several prints, so stick to two, ideally within the same colors. Play with proportions, mixing a smaller one with a bolder variation, or using a simpler pattern in a more vibrant color to highlight a contrasting design According to the fashion pro, prints such as polka dots, plaids, and animal prints are classics that can be worn year after year, with some of them acting as neutrals. They tend to be easy to understand. The prints are balanced out.

You don't have to hide your fashion leather pieces in the back of your closet when the weather starts to warm up. Leather garments can be dressed up as statement pieces.

A lightweight pencil fashion skirt in vegan leather is an easy and stylish outfit for a warmer night out. A t-shirt or button-down is perfect for warm days. Leather jackets and waistcoats are excellent for breezier summer nights and can be worn all year round. If that fashion rule was true, why do they make leather shorts, leather bustiers, and fashion leather jackets?