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Grape OG is a rare strain that provides a balanced sativa profile. Expect some serious grape flavor; even an experienced wine connoisseur might mistake it for a Cabernet Sauvignon in a blind smell test—and yeah, it's that good.

Meet SōKO's HHC, the newest cannabinoid on the market. It’s milder than Delta 8 but more potent than CBD. In other words, it’s ideal for just about any occasion. Whether you choose a vape, hemp flower, or pre-rolled joints, HHC sends uplifting sensations through your whole body. Explore our many strains and flavors to find your perfect HHC experience. SōKO Cannabis Creations has everything you need when you go to buy HHC online!

SōKO Cannabis's HHC effects finds itself somewhere around the similar mellow, euphoric experience of Delta 8 THC. You feel the familiar euphoria, stimulation, and relaxation produced by D8 and yet the effects are far less potent than the effects of D9. Unlike D8 and D9, which are both tetrahydrocannabinol, HHC is a hexahydrocannabinol. The two have different molecular structures, which contributes to the differences in effects.


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